Friday, December 12, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Bit Wiggly...

Ok, usually those are words I use to describe Red when he is about to experience something great and is very excited. Well, the title of this post is describing me. Yes, I am VERY excited.

You see, on Friday, for the very first time in the four plus years we have had Red, we are going away for the weekend and he is staying home with Papa & Mow!

We are going to San Francisco, one of my very favorite places! I can hardly wait!!! Whoo hooo!!! (Picture me doing cart wheels!)

I plan to take lots of pictures and will post about our adventure when we get back! Only three days until we go!!! Yippee!!! :)

Thank you, Papa & Mow!!

Red & Reese

I wish each of you would've seen these two playing in the leaves this weekend. It was comical. Red was dying to jump in a leaf pile. Begrudgingly, Franky allowed the leaves to collect in the front yard over the last week or so. Then on Sunday he raked them into a nice size pile. Alex was wiggly with excitement at the site of this huge mound of leaves and could hardly wait to take the leap. When I headed out the front door to witness the romp, Reese ran out.

Red looks at the pile and then at Reese. Reese looks at the pile and darts toward it, Red not far behind. Then for the next forty five minutes the two of them rolled, romped and played in the leaves.

Red would throw them up and Reese would do his best to catch every one. Reese chased Alex. Alex chased Reese. When they finally stopped for a break, they both had leaves strewn all over their bodies. It was a hilarious site! I love watching them play. What a great memory. :)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Just had to post these. We stopped for a bit at the Towne Center in Santa Clarita. It was so pretty there. The weather was perfect, flowers were blooming, Christmas music was playing and decorations were up everywhere. What a great place to get little Christmas shopping done and (of course) take a few pictures.
Too bad I wasn't wearing any makeup, this might have been "the Christmas card picture". Regardless, I love these pics!!!

March AFB

... Me & Red.
...Our future pilot.
...Daddy & Red

...Flying at March AFB
On the way home on Friday we got to make a fun stop. March Air Force Base Museum was right on our way. Franky had been wanting to take Red there forever.
Alex loved it! He "flew" around and explored every inch of the museum. He was awed by the size of the aircraft and was ecstatic when we bought him a souvenir in their gift shop! He played with his Discovery spaceship all the way home. He even told us he was going to fly one of those big planes when he grew up!
On Christmas morning he will be surprised when he opens up his very own bomber jacket, complete with official patches! Can't wait to see our little future pilot

Thanksgiving Fun

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did. We spent the holiday at my Aunt and Uncle's who live near Temecula. Red was so excited on the way. He was convinced we were going to a "party". In fact when we arrived he hoots, "Yeah, we're at the party!!!"

If he was disappointed that this "party" didn't have a bounce house, you would've never guessed. He made himself right at home! He was laying right up in the center of my Aunt's bed watching "Elf" fifteen minutes after we got there!

We ate yummy food and had a great time visiting and playing cards. Thank you Uncle Charles and Aunt Paula for having us!!! Red loved that Uncle Charles played the guitar for him. Aunt Paula, Alex is still talking about the bells on your clocks. He LOVED them!!!

Thank you Sharie, Lyssa-lou, Al, and Lori for a fun game of cards. (Lori, I may have won the first game of cards, but during the second game I really did consider leaving for a vanilla coke!!! I lost terribly...)

Thanks Lyssa-lou for spending time with Red. He had a blast playing with you. I have some great pictures to prove it!!!

I am thankful we got to spend Thanksgiving together.

Building Buddies

These two recently had fun at Lowe's. They built this wooden race trailor with such speed and precision, they were recruited by the Lowe's racing team! :)

Luckily, there were no injuries. Although Red did knock Papa's fingers with the hammer a couple of times...Oops!They had a great time and it was fun watching them. Watch out, Bob. Here comes the new building crew!

Top Ten Reasons (Excuses) For Neglecting My Blog:

10. I forgot the log in password for my computer. (?)

9. Our new Target store opened and I've been busy getting acquainted with it.

8. One word: RED.

7. I ran off and joined a circus...

6. Feeling guilty about content of the last post. (However true it may be!)

5. I've been busy turning my home into a Christmas wonderland.

4. Did I mention our new Target opened?

3. I've had writer's block.

2. I wanted to see how long it would take for someone to mention that I hadn't written in a while!

And the best reason is....

1. My parents are here and we've been having a blast!!!

So now I'm back. I am so excited my folks are here. Franky has been home, too. It has been awesome. : ) I have lots of pictures and posts to come. Glad to be back.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halo and Horns...

Can you see the mischeif in this freckeled little face? It's there, just take a closer look!

This week I have seriously contemplated calling in to the Nanny 911 show to request a visit from that lovely woman with the British accent. Either that or placing a sign around Red's neck that says "free to good home" and placing him on the front curb... I'm only kidding. (I think.)

Yes, I have had a very challenging parenting week. Red has tested me in every way and has even shocked and surprised me with some four year old fall outs. One second he is melting my heart with his sweetness, the next he's behaving much like Satan's spawn. Hence the very fitting title.

Today was much better and I'm hoping we're over this little defiant stage. At least for a while... I am realistic and know this occurs normally as children go through the various developmental stages. But I need a break from it...

I love Red so much. I feel so fortunate to be his Mommy. I've been praying a whole lot lately. Not for patience (that one backfires...) but for the safe return of my sweet little redheaded boy!!!

I wonder if lighting a candle will help?!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cobb Ranch

Our last stop on Sunday was Cobb Ranch. This is a huge pumpkin patch close to Children's Hospital. I've always seen it when driving to the hospital and have been wanting to visit forever. I have to say, I was a little disappointed. It is really big. The set up is neat, they have hayrides, a tractor "train" ride, tricycle races and a little area with farm animals you can feed.

I guess I'm just used to the little pumpkin patch by our house. This one just seemed too commercial. We had a good time though. Red rode in a tricycle race, rode the tractor "train" and we both went on the hayride.

We didn't buy a pumpkin there... Bummer. I think part of it is that we always visit the pumpkin patch as a family and since Franky wasn't with us, it just wasn't the same. I can't wait until he comes home. Our little pumpkin patch is waiting for us!!!

Riverpark Romp

After hanging out at the bookstore for almost two hours, we went over to Riverpark. It had changed so much since we had been there last. We walked around the shops, enjoyed a smoothie, and took some pictures. It was a great place to be with Red. He could run around and play without me hovering over him.
He had fun balancing on the flower beds and playing in the grass. The weather was perfect and he was having so much fun. I enjoyed watching him. What a beautiful day. :)

Red the Reader

On Sunday, we took Daddy back to the airport for his last two-week stint in the corn maze state (Illinois). After we left him, we decided to hang out in Fresno for a while. For some reason, this crazy city waits until 11:00 am to begin its Sunday mornings so we had a little time to kill.

We found a Barnes & Noble and we were both in heaven. Red and I both love books. Once inside we made a beeline for the children's books. We selected a couple and took a seat beside the little stage where on certain occasions, story time occurs.

We read "Spongezilla", a Halloween story about Sponge Bob Square pants. Then read a book about a little pumpkin who longed to become a jack-o-lantern.

After looking around a while Red says,"Mom, sit down on the bench and I will put on a show for you." I sit and he gets up on the stage. He goes behind one of their little props and comes out as if saying "tah-dah". He begins his show. Our cute little red head stands in the center of the stage, looks at me and says very matter of fact (while gesturing with his hands as if addressing a large group of people),"Some people can read. Some people can't....I can't read, SO-I'll put on a magic show instead."

I cracked up!!! He proceeded to put on a magical show. Pretending to pull a rabbit out of mid air and even discovered a bird behind my ear! What an imagination. So lucky to be witness to it.

Fun at the Fall Festival

The fall festival was awesome. Jean Marie and her cute little lobster joined us for a night of fun. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs and watched as Red showed off his best robot moves as he walked down the stage of the costume show.

It was cute to see all the kids so excited about the nights activities. They were all so cute in their little costumes.

The booths were great. Such a variety. Jean Marie and I enjoyed a treat at the "Decorate a Halloween Cookie Booth." Franky took Alex to each and every booth. Red's favorite was the "Yuck" booth where the kids got to stick their hands in a hole where on the other side, their curious little hands met a bowl of gooey gunk. Red is still talking about it!!!

Here's a pic of Red the Robot and Me - as a hot pumpkin mama with big hair!!! (What was I thinking?! The movie "Hairspray" comes to mind...)

Anyway, it was a great time. Everyone who participated went all out to make it a wonderful activity. Can't wait until next year!

Sew Much Fun

Loads of orange and black glass glitter, glue, ribbon, felt, orange and white gingham fabric, polka dot cardstock and lots of fun equals FABULOUS decorations for Red's fall festival. On Saturday morning, I got up and in tru Christmas elf style, completed all of my pending projects.

I would have never finished if it weren't for Gma. She glued and glittered, ironed fabric I needed to sew together and entertained our little red head. Muchas Gracias, Gma Mary!!!

And here's a little peek of our booth...

I have to brag, our booth made almost $600.00 dollars (almost as much as the food booths!)AND Mr. Nate asked me to leave my decorations at the school until Halloween is over! :)

I love it!!!

Something Fun

We have had an incredibly busy and extremely fun few days. Last week, G Mary came to visit. We had a whirlwind schedule of activities planned and to my delight, all went very well. The list looked something like this: host a sewing play day, make cupcakes, finish Red's Halloween costume, pick up Daddy from the airport in Fresno, meet Jean Marie and sweet Sophia at Fashion Fair Mall, start our Christmas shopping, pick up a couple of necessities from Boot's Camera shop, sew together eight banners, a table cloth and make a sign for the cake walk booth at Red's fall festival. All to be completed by Saturday.

So, on Thursday morning I got up and ran a few errands and picked up some of the supplies I needed. I came home and made some yummy banana nut bread (as a treat for our play date). Gma and Red put together a snack for the little ones. I couldn't resist taking their picture. They were having so much fun and had quite the assembly line going with that snack mix!

At 2:00, my friend Lisa's mom (who had volunteered to be the teacher at our sewing play day) arrived, along with my friend Dalia and her two year old twin girls. We got our machines set up and turned on some toons for our little peanuts.

We had such a blast learning about and playing with our machines. We talked, giggled and just really enjoyed spending time together. All the while Red and the girls played. When they left, I felt so inspired. I was ready to start tackling the projects I needed to complete for the fall festival.

We have decided to have a sewing play day once a month. I can't wait for our next one. I have a couple of sewing projects that I can't wait to start!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


When I was a kid, on the weekends we would frequently go for a "ride". That was a trip in the car just to enjoy each other's company with no particular destination in mind.

We would drive around town, past homes that we liked, to the small towns in the foothills nearby. Sometimes we would end up stopping for lunch or exploring a new place we had been lucky and found. Where ever we ended up, we always had a great time just being together and enjoying the ride.

When Franky and I got married, we carried on the tradition of weekend wandering. Most of the time we end up in Springville, sometimes other neat spots close by. Still, just enjoying our time together.

I loved the conversations we would have as we rode along. Sometimes silly, other times deep conversations about our hopes and dreams.

Now that Red is with us we still have the wide range of chat. Only now it's interjected with the occasional "Where are we going?", "This is taking a long time.", "Did you see that cow?", "Can we listen to the 'Hey batter swing' song?", "Are we going to Walmart?!".

Even with the chatterbox in the back seat, we still love the ride. Perhaps even more than before since one of the dreams we hoped would come true is behind us in his booster.

Today Red and I took a ride. Just a short one. We drove through Success Valley. Red hooped and laughed as we rode over the hills that make your belly feel like you're on a roller coaster. It made me laugh to hear him cracking up in the back seat. It's the little moments like these that make me realize how much I miss Franky. He would've been amused by our little redhead too.

I had taken the camera along with the intentions of getting some pictures to use in a fall themed album. I spotted this cool fence and thought it would be a great back drop.

We were surprised when this horse decided to come and visit. Red carried on a conversation with him for a while. I snapped some more pictures and then we headed back home.

Red (who had been not so happy to go for a ride) says, "Mama, that was a fun ride. I liked the hills and seeing the horsey."

I had a fun ride too, Red. Maybe this will be a tradition he will enjoy with his own family someday. :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

No, It's not a microwave. It's...

my latest invention.

Yes, I have a new project. I am in the process of creating a little robot. He has an endless supply of energy, an electric personality, an incredible mind and is very cute. If only I could harness that energy for things like cleaning house, ironing and cooking. That would be fabulous!

Actually, as you have probably already figured out, I am making Red's Halloween costume this year. I wanted something unique and fun. Red loves robots and so it was an easy pick.

I started working on it this morning. I was lucky to have found two boxes in our garage that were perfect for the robot's body. I wrapped them in foil and massive amounts of tape. I've been embellishing the body with things I have around the house and in my scrap booking room. It has been so much fun.

It is only about a third complete. I need to buy the supplies for his arms and legs and then Franky is going to add a real special touch to our little creation. I can't wait to see it completed.

Red is already asking to wear it. I've had him try it on a couple of times to get some measurements. When I took this picture outside, he asked if he could go show it to every one. "They really need to see my costume, Mama!" He is pumped up about it.

The costume will make it's grand debut at Red's school. They are having a fall festival this next weekend. It's going to be a blast.

I've gotta get...I'm making decorations for the "cake walk" booth. :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's finished!

Here's a few pics of my finished book. I love the way it turned out! I may have to start another one soon. I had so much fun putting this one together.
It helps that I had these great pictures to put in it! There are some simply adorable pictures of our little red head in this book.
Hope you enjoy the little peek!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

little by little...

My mini book is coming together. I worked on it last night and a bit tonight. I love the color combination. These are some of my favorite colors.

It has been kinda weird working on this. You see, I have not printed out ANY pictures yet. Usually I design my pages based on inspiration I get while looking at them. I plan to use some of the pics we took in Exeter. I just don't know which ones. It will be so much fun when I get them printed out!!!
I think this will be one of my favorite albums. (I say that about each one I work on!) When I finish, I'll let you all see it! Maybe by next weekend?! For now, sweet dreams blogging world. I am getting a little sleepy.

Hey, it's past 9:30! I must be turning into a night owl...

Nah! :)

Feeling Accomplished

Wow, what an amazing weekend we have had. Friday, Saturday, Sunday every day something fun and wonderfully fulfilling. It was awesome to spend time with our friends, play, take amazing pictures, scrap a little and today accomplish a BIG not-so-fun project.

Today's project took basically all day. It was one of those things you put off until you don't have a choice. I took EVERYTHING out of every kitchen cabinets (and the pantry), wiped them out, threw out lots of out dated stuff and reorganized. It looks fabulous!

How does SO much dust get inside of cabinets that are shut most of the time? I think there was a layer an inch thick! (I'm kidding, it wasn't THAT bad.)

Red played in his playroom, raced his cars in "the alley" (our entry hall), watched movies, helped me dust a little, discovered where I stash all of his play dough (uh oh) and his box of musical instruments (I feel a headache coming on).

He had been asking to paint for quite some time so I brought his easel down into the kitchen and he created a few wonderful works of art. That little Picasso felt accomplished too.

We (I) am seriously missing Daddy(he's in Illinois) and so I must once again say thanks to all my beautiful, fun, terrific girlfriends for an unforgettable weekend.

Thank you little chickadees and Gorgeouses for making Red's weekend such a blast, you are all just way too cute and fun to be around. :)

Me and Red

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Little Sneek-Peeky

Today my friend Miriam and I loaded up Red and headed to Exeter to do an official photo shoot. I initially decided to go with the intention of getting some great shots of Red for my mini-book (which now has a new theme).

Because Miriam was there, our photo shoot changed into something truly amazing. I was actually able to get some wonderful photos of Alex and I.

Franky always wants pictures of him and I but I always seem to keep myself behind the camera. Today, Miriam took the behind the camera role for part of the day. (We got some amazing shots of her, too!)

She was so awesome about snapping the shots right at the perfect moments. Red loved walking around to the various spots and would even stop and say "take my picture here, Mama".

It's funny, I felt so beautiful in these pictures with him. I guess there's something to sharing the spotlight with someone who has such an amazing energy and love for life!
What a day. So relaxing and fun. A great way to recoup from a wild night!!! I may post more pictures from today. You'll have to check back to see!!! :)

I'm the one in the upper left corner...

What has happened to me? I used to be the "Queen of Slumber Parties". I was the one who would stay up all night, outlasting all the other girls (who would inevitably wake up to frozen bras and other silly sleepover pranks). I would dance and sing to all of those cool 80's songs. Eat all the junk food I wanted without regret...

I am SO not that girl anymore. Sadly, as I said in the pre-sleepover post, I really do turn into a pumpkin around 9:00. My bed calls me from upstairs, tempting me with its nice soft pillows and promise of blissful sleep. My body listens to that call like a soft lullaby and I get sleepy. I yawn. I begin to think about my comfy jamas. I yawn again. Around 9:15, my eyes begin to burn, begging to be closed. What does this all mean? What happened to that fun girl who laughs at a 9:00 bedtime?

She's outta' here!!! :)

All joking aside, we had a blast last night. We ate junk food, took the kids to the McDermont House where they jumped in gigantic bounce houses for over an hour (Yawn), played video games and air hockey. And without any lapse in the energy flow, at 10:00pm,(Yawn)returned to our house where they played and watched movies until 12:30am. (Yawn)

Honestly, Red would've stayed up until five o'clock this morning if I'd let him. He was so excited and full of energy. He's actually been approached by Red Bull to be in one of their ad campaigns. jk. He was seriously fired up to have the kids here.

We will definitely do it again. Maybe next time, I'll be extra rested and prepared to stay up late (Yawn). I'd better start now!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I can't wait...

to see what this becomes. I've been feeling a little inclined to do a mini book (since it has been a while). I think the last one I made was for my parents at valentines day. So, I've gathered all of these wonderful supplies and placed them in a pile to work on tonight when my little peanut goes to bed. The photos in this album will be all about home. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Speaking of fun, Red and I had a play date today. We met MamaC (the wonderful woman who introduced me to the blogging world!) and her two "Gorgeouses" for lunch, then played for a while here at the house. It was great to be able to visit while the kids played. The girls were so cute and despite our house being filled with mostly boy toys, I think they had lots of fun. Red had a great time and asked when they were coming back as they drove away. :)

Tonight Red and I are hosting a slumber party. My friend Lisa and her two chickadees, Jon and Emily, are coming over. We are going to watch movies, eat popcorn and pray that we outlast the kids so that we can scrap a little. What are the chances?!

I turn into a pumpkin around 9:00...I think I'm in trouble.

A Message From Reese...

Hi Dad. I wanted to write you a little note to let you know I'm taking good care of Mom and that wild little redhead. I can tell they really do miss you. I'll say it... I miss you too. In fact, I'm only sleeping on your side of the bed for half the night (the other half on the floor) so that I don't get too comfy and start to consider it mine.

We've been going for walks in the evening time. The weather is getting cooler and it's nice to get out. That redheaded kid even helps Mom walk me. For some reason he likes to use my collar to guide me instead of my leash. I'm blaming that on you since you taught him to do that in order to get me to follow him...

I hope you come home soon. I'd like some peanut butter....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Favorite Subject...

I guess maybe I'm in a bit of a sentimental mood today. Or maybe it's just that I see pictures like this one, my heart melts and I just have to do something with all the emotions. You see, I absolutely LOVE these boys. They brighten my days, make me laugh and make my life completely full. Seeing them together sharing a snuggly moment like the one in this picture makes me smile. Not just a smile that spreads across your face but one of those smiles you can feel over your whole body. Such an awesome and completely consuming feeling. Thanks, boys.

*Daddy, we are totally missing you and are so glad you'll be home tomorrow. We love you.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Funny Little Farmer

On Monday we were invited to a BBQ at my Aunt & Uncle's house. Red was beyond excited, you see, they live in the country. They have chickens, goats, sheep, cows, a horse, dogs, and a turtle. A personal petting zoo for our little redhead.

The thing he likes the best about visiting there is NOT all of the critters... He LOVES his cousin Rachel, Aunt Sally, and Uncle Billy!!! They are our camping buddies and whenever we go camping, Red asks if they will be there too.

We had a great time. Red got to collect eggs from the chicken pen, feed a baby goat (she was too cute, I wanted to bring her home with us!!!), and give the horse a couple of apples we picked. We ate yummy food (Sally, those tomatoes were amazing!!!) and visited. It was so awesome just spending time together.

I have discovered, I come by my "collecting/junk loving" personality very naturally. I knew my Mom and I shared that interest but I didn't know that my Uncle also has an eye for the "good stuff". He hits estate sells and finds some pretty cool stuff. He's added a couple of vintage cameras to my collection! (Thanks again,Uncle Billy! We're gonna have to come go hunting with you sometime soon!!!)

What a way to finish off a long weekend. : ) Hope you all enjoyed it, too.

*I've got my eyes on the lookout for books from your favorite author, Uncle Billy! Just sit tight in that giant, extremely comfortable, never -want- to -leave- it recliner!!! (I can't stop giggling) Your secrets safe with me...

**Red is asking some pretty interesting questions about those eggs...I'm referring all his questions to you, Aunt Sally.

***Can't wait to see ya at the fair, Rach! Take good care of little Tae! : )

A little artwork

My favorite vacation pic...
A roll in the hay at the Avila Valley Barn...
An oldie from Red's 2nd year. His Surprise...a BIG BOY BED!!!
A little bit of Reeses...
Hope to scrap some more soon!!!