Saturday, October 4, 2008

No, It's not a microwave. It's...

my latest invention.

Yes, I have a new project. I am in the process of creating a little robot. He has an endless supply of energy, an electric personality, an incredible mind and is very cute. If only I could harness that energy for things like cleaning house, ironing and cooking. That would be fabulous!

Actually, as you have probably already figured out, I am making Red's Halloween costume this year. I wanted something unique and fun. Red loves robots and so it was an easy pick.

I started working on it this morning. I was lucky to have found two boxes in our garage that were perfect for the robot's body. I wrapped them in foil and massive amounts of tape. I've been embellishing the body with things I have around the house and in my scrap booking room. It has been so much fun.

It is only about a third complete. I need to buy the supplies for his arms and legs and then Franky is going to add a real special touch to our little creation. I can't wait to see it completed.

Red is already asking to wear it. I've had him try it on a couple of times to get some measurements. When I took this picture outside, he asked if he could go show it to every one. "They really need to see my costume, Mama!" He is pumped up about it.

The costume will make it's grand debut at Red's school. They are having a fall festival this next weekend. It's going to be a blast.

I've gotta get...I'm making decorations for the "cake walk" booth. :)


MamáChanga said...

I was all bragging on you about how clever and creative you are and showed off the pic to DrillSgt. and he said all serious and stuff, "that's cute, what is he a microwave?!" LOL!! I told him you'd just started and that Red is going to be a robot, you've still got the arms and legs to do, silly DrillSgt., he's too funny sometimes. So are you making the arms and legs out of some shiny silver cloth so he can move around?

You are sooo amazingly creative, I don't have a clue at what Da'Gorgeouses are going to be for Halloween.

Hugs & Blessings!

gardngirl said...

Ok, that is too funny!!! It did look a little like a microwave in that picture! Tell DS that it looks much more like a robot now. I've added some very cool items to the head of the costume and when Franky gets home it's going to reach a whole new level of cool!

hmmp...a microwave!!! Just wait and see!!! :) DS will be asking me to make him one next! Hee Hee!