Friday, November 30, 2007


Home at Christmas

I love Christmas time. I get to bring all of my decorations down from the attic. When I open the containers, my heart flutters. It's like an old friend has come to visit. I can't wait to get everything out and into place. Every year I use the same decorations but try to find new ways to display them. Each one has a memory. Either of a shopping trip Mom and I took, a neat place we've visited, Christmas' past or of a person who made the decoration.

It was too cute, on the day Franky got the decorations down, Alex was taking a nap. By the time he woke up, decorations were strewn all over the loft. Alex's eyes were bright and bigger than ever. He says, "MOM, it- looks -so- FESTIVE in here." (Where does a three year old get the word "festive"?!)

Red Head is definitely excited about Christmas this year and can't wait until Franky gets back from Minnesota and puts the train around the tree.

Many pictures to come...

*We can't wait until you get home, Daddy. We love and miss you lots and lots.

Is It Just Me....

Or did Thanksgiving just fly by with the only proof of it passing is my snug fitting pants?!

We had such a amazing time over the Thanksgiving holiday. Franky had been in Texas for two and a half weeks and didn't get home until the day before Thanksgiving. It was so aWeSoMe to have him home. We spent the holiday eating, visiting with family and camping. I'm thankful for so many things but those three are at the very top of my list. (Family should probably come before eating...)

I hope you all have many things to be thankful for and have an amazing time celebrating them on Thanksgiving and every day.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

This Boy Loves Thomas...

Since before he could walk, Red Head has loved Thomas the Train. When he began talking, it wasn't long before he could name every train, even ones that were the same color but had a different number on it side or more wheels than another. He would correct us if we called the train the wrong name!!! It was amazing. To this day, he still loves Thomas. He watches the movies, plays with his wooden railway, reads the books and works on his Thomas "laptop".This morning, he spread out his track and trains all over the hallway. He's acting out different scenarios from the various movies or books he's read. He's making train horn noises, pretending to be Sir Topham Hatt and of course derailing and crashing the trains into one another. I love that he still has so much fun with these trains. It's only a matter of time before something like Transformers or the Power Rangers take over...
Until then I will enjoy watching him create adventures with Thomas. I will continue to laugh as he looks at the Thomas catalog (like I look at my scrapbooking magazines) with a look of concentration that is trance-like! This boy loves Thomas....and so do I.
*We miss you, Daddy. We're thinking about you while we work on Red Head's trains and can't wait until you come home on Wednesday. We LOVE you.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Parade

Everyone Loves a Parade...(Especially Red Head)

Today was the Veteran's Parade. From the time Alex woke up he was ready to go! We arrived and staked out our spot. Within 10 seconds, Red Head had made friends with all of the kids within a half block radius and had spotted the vendor who sold those wonderful horns you pray no one around you buys!

Last year at the Christmas parade, Alex's friend had one shaped like a trumpet. Red Head LOVES instruments. He begged Jon to let him blow it. Being a great sport, Jon relinquished his trumpet to Alex only to have it returned with drool dripping from it's mouth piece!

So, needless to say, Red Head got his very own trumpet today. It is shiny, blue with a metallic look and Alex has not put it down or stopped blowing it since he got it!!! When the bands would pass, he would blow even louder moving it from side to side just like the band members. It was too cute. (Notice it is in EVERY picture in the slide show!)

I didn't think it was possible for Alex to be more into a parade this year from last. I have to say, I had more fun watching him play his trumpet, wave his flag, jump, dance and yell than I did watching the parade.

What a wonderful way to remember those who fight for our freedom. How truly blessed we are to live in the United States. Happy Veteran's Day.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day (a little early)

Red head was happy as a clam when I told him I wanted to take some pictures of him with the American Flag for Veteran's Day. I got him dressed then outside we went to our favorite "at home" picture spot. He was doing his very excited wiggle dance when he saw that I was handing him the flag. How cute (until he started to wave it around like a sword!). I guess maybe it might not have been such a good idea to let him be a pirate for Halloween.

On Monday is Porterville's Veteran's Day Parade. I LOVE this parade. I get the goose bumps listening to the bands play the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful. Last year Red Head could hardly contain his excitement. He loved the bands, fire trucks, color guard (he yelled right along with them) and the Shriner's zipping around in their funny little cars. I can't wait to see what he thinks this year.

Today we went to Exeter's Chili Cook-Off. (Franky and I had been to this before. We got there too early. Salivated over the smells of the cooking chili. Got too hungry to wait for the sampling and ended up eating something else and then going home.)

Me, Alex, Grandma Mary, my best friend, her future daughter-in-law and her adorable grand baby went to check it out. We got there too early. Salivated over the smells of the cooking chili. Got too hungry to wait for the sampling and ended up eating something else. (Sound familiar?) Instead of going home though, we walked around the shops and visited. It was a fun day.

I hope you all have a terrific weekend. Enjoy Veteran's Day.

P.S. Happy Veteran's Day, Dad. We love you.

Friday, November 2, 2007


I have some very exciting news. We have been discussing this for a while and this week we have started an exciting process. Franky and I have decided to try to adopt again. We are both giddy with excitement at the possibility of being blessed with another little one. We have quite a few hoops to jump through as we are going through our county and have to become licensed as foster parents before we can be placed on the list of parents waiting for their baby.

We have been talking to Alex for some time about adopting a baby. We've told him how exciting it would be to be a "big brother", to teach a little one all sorts of fun things and to have someone to play with. At first, he said, "No, I don't want a baby. They cry." Next came,"I want a brother AND a sister."

Before becoming licensed, we have to prepare the room we plan to use for a baby by getting the nursery set up and "baby proof" the house. When they told us this at a class we attended, Franky and I had to laugh. See, Alex (being a much anticipated/spoiled only child) has his own bedroom as well as another room (the future nursery) that is his play room. This is where his Thomas the Train table, ride on train, basketball hoop, Lightening McQueen television, workbench and a myriad of other toys "live" (as redhead would say).

This made me wonder how to get Alex used to the idea of giving up his playroom. So, today I was talking to my Mom. She suggested that we ask Red Head where he thinks a baby might live in our home. Her theory was that if it was his idea, he may be more willing to let his brother or sister stay in his play room.

I thought this was a great idea so when Franky and I picked up Alex from school and were on our way home, I asked, "Hey Bubba, if we get to adopt a baby, where do you think we can put their bed?" Well, I kind of blew it. I had forgot to cut Frank in to my little strategy and he immediately spouts up with, "How about your play room?" Without missing a beat Alex says, "No, how about the laundry room?" Franky and I cracked up.

We have some time to warm him up to the idea. Somehow I don't think licensing would approve the laundry room as an adequate space!!

*I have to say "Thank You" to Red Head's adoptions Social Worker- Roxanne. She was amazing during Alex's adoption process and was actually the person who put the "bug in our ear" about adopting again. She's such a blessing to us! : )