Monday, August 25, 2008

Good-bye Morro Bay...

We had a great time. We will miss your cool, foggy mornings, the romps on the beach, long bike rides on the paths, the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, exploring your rocky shores, visiting all of your yummy restaurants (candy shops and bakeries!!!). We can't wait to see you again.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hermit Hunters

While walking into town yesterday we spotted a family down on the narrow beach of the bay. They were wading in the water along the rocky edge and looking at something very exciting. It turns out this was the perfect place to find hermit crabs...

Since we didn't have the appropriate "wading" attire on then, we decided that today we would walk down and let Red explore a little. We took off our shoes, rolled up Red's jeans and headed into the water. It wasn't long before Franky and Red found a jackpot! Red was thrilled. He was holding a shell in his wiggly hand just waiting to catch a glimpse of the little friend inside. But for some reason (?), the crab was content to stay in his shell.

Red handed it to me. I was admiring the pretty little shell he had made his home in when there was a little movement in my hand. I called to Red,"Hey, come here!!! He's coming out." Sure enough, a tiny little tentacle makes it's way out of the tiny shell...followed by a HUGE (ok, so it seemed huge to me) crab claw! I screamed and sent the poor little crab on a trip!

This made my two boys crack up. That was until Red finds the motion sick crab on the sand. He bravely picks him up and gives me this look as if to say, "You big chicken. I'm only 4 and I'm not afraid of a tiny crab." He holds him a minute and then all of a sudden the little snapper (probably ticked off from his turbulent flight) comes out of his shell and pinches Red's thumb. Red screams, sends the crab on another flight, then starts cracking up. He says,"That crab made me scream like a girl!"

After that we were all content to hold the crabby little guys by their shells and watch them crawl around on the rocks. We will definitely explore this spot when we come back to Morro Bay next time. Maybe a little savvy on the handling of hermit crabs. What an adventure!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Street Fair Fun

There is nothing more fun on a Thursday night than the street fair in SLO (San Luis Obispo). I love that it stimulates each of your senses on so many levels. As you walk onto Higuera, you are amazed by all of the people. Students, vendors, families (young and old), musicians, clowns, and artists all gather together for this one night. As you fall into place in the crowd your senses are delighted by the sights and smells.
Beautiful displays of flowers and produce every where. The yummy sweet smell of tuberose floats through the air as you pass a booth selling flowers of all colors. Big, juicy strawberries are abundant as well as many other of mother nature's sweet treats.
Red is all wiggly and excited about the possibilities of the nights' activities. We make sure his squishy warm hand is in one of ours, so that we aren't separated.

He can hardly keep his hands off all of the wonderful produce as he passes. Temptation becomes to much as we pass a booth selling huge red tomatoes. We remind him him to keep his hands off. Such a hard thing for our sensory-seeking redhead!
We sit on a curb and eat. A hot dog for Red. BBQ for Mom and Dad. Red spots the balloon man and decides to have him make a sword....Oh, boy! He entertains a number of people waiting for a band to start playing by showing off his balloon-sword-swinging skills. This was one time it was ok for him to "play in the street" and he loved every minute of it!
The smile on this cute little freckled face is the perfect way to express the amazing time we had. We love you, SLO!!!

Down on the Farm

On Wednesday, we took a drive to one of my favorite places. A place that makes me long for a home in the country where I can garden, have chickens, goats, and sheep. A place where Red can run around and explore without worrying about cars or strangers. Where I can enjoy the peace and quiet of a dark starry night from a comfy chair on a huge front porch.Since this is but a day dream, I come to the Avila Valley Barn. For a moment, I can live my dream. Red runs around so excited to be there. He loves to walk through the barn and look at all of the fresh produce. We talk about which are fruit vs. veggies, which we've tried and haven't. We get a bag of scraps to feed the farm animals then of we go!
This time we got to see some new members of the Avila Farm family. There were lots of baby goats (only 6 weeks old). I snapped this picture of Red feeding the smallest one. It was so cute. The Mama goat kept trying to get the scraps and Red tells her,"You need to share with your baby!"
We had such a great time. Love the memories made here at this wonderful place. Can't wait to go back again. Maybe in the fall...

Their Daily Romp

Here is a picture of two very happy dogs...Each day we take them for a romp on the beach. They absolutely love it. As soon as we put on their leashes they are raring to go. As we get closer to the water and make sure it is safe, we disconnect the leashes and they're off!!!

They roll in the sand, explore the mounds of aromatic (eeeewww) seaweed, chase the birds, and follow Red around. Then one of them will find a rock, a string of kelp, a stick, what ever they can fit in their mouth and the real chase begins!!!

It is usually Sophie chasing Reeses. They run in circles at a dizzying pace. Reeses runs out in the water, Sophie follows him barking and jumping through the water. It is quite a site. People stop and watch. We all crack up at this 60 pound doodle running from our little rat terrier. Too much fun! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

When you have a little red head...

your family pictures look like this. Yep, he's a regular comedian! You should have seen the look on his face when I told him I was going to put this picture on our who's laughing?! Actually, he still thinks it's pretty funny.

Today Franky made us wonderful sandwiches and I packed up some goodies. Our plan was to take a trolley ride up to the museum, look around a bit and then have a picnic. We got everything together and walked downtown to catch our ride.

Who remembers going to the museum in Morro Bay? Franky and I both have distinct memories of our last time there. Franky remembers Indian Artifacts, sharks teeth and that after a short time, he was ready to leave cause it was "BORING". I remember the artifacts and seeing pictures of all the various birds that find their home in this area. I didn't think it was boring at all.I have to say that Red will have a very different memory.

The museum has had a major face lift and is now an awesome place to visit. There are lots of interactive exhibits that demonstrate everything from how surface wind stirs up all of the minerals and other sea life on the bottom of the sea to how Morro Rock was formed. Franky and I both agreed that we would've spent more time exploring but we had an agenda (it was getting close to lunch!!!).

As we walked out of the museum, I suggested we walk up the trail that leads to a view point that has amazing, unobstructed views of the bay. We got to the top and were all in awe of the beautiful site.

It was here we took the family picture. ( I tried out my new toy, a remote for my camera. Ooooohhh, it is so cool!) After taking a few pictures, we were ready to munch down on those yummy sandwiches my darling hubby made. Franky pulls out our drinks, chips and what do you know? I forgot to take our sandwiches out of the fridge... Uh, oh. We rode the trolley back to camp where we enjoyed them immensely (probably because by that time we were starving! jk).

Red is down for a nap. I can hear his soft snores as I type. It is so peaceful and relaxing. I cannot believe that we are going to be here six more days. : )

A Little Shopping in SLO

Since we've been here, I have been able to visit some of my favorite shops. The Nest is located in San Luis Obispo and is such a wonderful place to get a little inspired. As you step inside, you instantly fall in love with the beautiful displays and relaxed cottage feel.

I found a great student lamp. It is a warm shade of chocolate brown and is going to look terrific on the wicker desk in our bedroom. A cute little white wooden picnic basket also made it into my bag. It will probably find it's home in my scrap booking room where it will hold some of my supplies.

My name is Michelle...and I am an addict!!!

Little Flirt

Yesterday morning we rode our bikes into town and found ourselves at the little french bakery by the wharf. We picked out a few pastries to share and took a spot outside so that we could enjoy the salty sea air. Red was in the midst of enjoying his cream cheese danish when he looks up and sees "her".

She was about 6, with a head full of blond and light brown ringlets, riding a Barbie scooter. Red says, "I'm gonna go and talk to her." Franky and I look at each other and smile. She and her family walk inside the bakery. She picks out a seat by the window, directly in front of her little red headed admirer.

Red gets out of his chair and walks inside. He coyly approaches her, says "hi" and high tails it back out to where we are sitting. He says,"Mama, I said 'hi' to her." I asked,"Did you tell her you like her pretty hair?" He thinks for a minute then he's off again. As we watch from the other side of the window, Red works his magic. The little curly-headed girl is smiling and laughing at Red and her family is thinking they have inherited a little red head.

I walked in to corral our little guy back to our table. He gestures for me to go away and says,"Mom, go back outside. I'm talking to her."

We knew this peanut liked girls, but I think we're in trouble!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sand between our toes,

cool ocean breeze, waves crashing on the shore....We are officially on vacation. Ten whole days soaking up the sun and wonderful weather. As I write this post I am listening to the sounds of the gulls, wearing a sweat shirt because it is just a little chilly, and watching Red run around our campsite.

Lots of fun to write about and a ton of very cool pictures to come...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lessons Planned

On Monday was Red's first swim lesson. When we got to the pool, he was a little disappointed that the water works weren't on but was happy to be at the pool none the less. We weren't sure what class was the best fit, so one of the instructors suggested he start at tiny tots II. This class takes place in the very shallow water and is very "play" oriented.

Red thought it was great and began to play with a few of the water toys. A couple of other kids joined in the fun. And of course, being that he now had a little audience, Red began to show off his under water swimming skills. The instructor looks up at me and says, "He's ready for the guppies' class!"

She escorts us to the section of the pool where 5 wiggly boys are being instructed to "Be cool on the wall." This is the pose you see in the first picture. It is the "listen to the teacher", "wait your turn", "be still" pose.

The teacher tells Red how to be cool on the wall. Red says,"watch me!" Then proceeds to go into a head-under -water-bottom-in-the-air float, holding his breath for what seems like forever. The teacher is talking to him trying to get him to pay attention, and the 5 other wiggly boys are starting to copy what he's doing! Uh oh...

Finally she gets his attention and they go through a number of activities most of which are done holding onto the side of the pool. Then, the moment of truth. The teacher asks the kids to use their arms and legs to swim while she supports their belly. Red looks up at me and says,"Mama, you know, I'm only four. I'm little. I'm not old enough to do that. I need to be over there." (He points to the wading part of the pool.) I had to laugh. This little peanut is one smart cookie!!!

He toughed out the first day and was wiped out when we got home!!!

The next day, he told me he didn't want to go to swim lessons but by the time he got to the pool, he was ready to go. He even won a breath holding contest!
Today, he was one eager boy. He was even doing a great job of listening and being cool on the wall when he was supposed to. (That's is the hardest thing for this redhead!) He can't wait to go back tomorrow.
He's excited that Daddy will be home and will get to see how awesome he's doing! So proud of this little redhead. :)

Red Hits the Public Pool

So we finally did it. We signed Red up for swim lessons at our public pool. Despite valiant efforts to teach him ourselves (in our own pool) Red wanted no part of it. I honestly thought we were getting somewhere this summer (nope).

On his terms, he splashed and went under water with his kick board. But any effort we would make to "help" him swim resulted in a screaming tantrum or Red's arms in a choke hold around our necks!

His first lesson was going to be on Monday the 4th. On Sunday I decided to take him to the pool so that he would know what to expect the next day. He LOVED it. He splashed and played in the "water works" area that has fountains and water dumping from buckets overhead. Then, all of a sudden, he did it... The little stinker starts swimming under water. Not just putting his body under but actually swimming 6-8 feet at a time. I was so excited. I said, "Red, you're doing it. See I knew you could. You're swimming!!!"

He was pretty proud. He would do it for anyone that would watch. He even went up to the life guard and said,"Hey, watch me!!!" He was a mad man- jumping in off the sides and swimming like a little fish.
He had a blast splashing around and couldn't wait for his lesson the next day.

I Scrap, He Naps.

I have a new love in my life. He's been working his way into my heart for about four months now. He has curly brown hair with blond highlights that fall in fuzzy curls around his beautiful hazel eyes. He has a very sweet disposition. He loves to snuggle.
When Franky is out of town he occupies his side of the bed. He loves Red. He makes me laugh. He's Sophie's buddy. And when I scrap, he naps! This Doodle has totally captured my heart.
Shhh! Don't tell Franky...

How can you not fall in love with this big fuzzy guy?