Friday, August 22, 2008

Street Fair Fun

There is nothing more fun on a Thursday night than the street fair in SLO (San Luis Obispo). I love that it stimulates each of your senses on so many levels. As you walk onto Higuera, you are amazed by all of the people. Students, vendors, families (young and old), musicians, clowns, and artists all gather together for this one night. As you fall into place in the crowd your senses are delighted by the sights and smells.
Beautiful displays of flowers and produce every where. The yummy sweet smell of tuberose floats through the air as you pass a booth selling flowers of all colors. Big, juicy strawberries are abundant as well as many other of mother nature's sweet treats.
Red is all wiggly and excited about the possibilities of the nights' activities. We make sure his squishy warm hand is in one of ours, so that we aren't separated.

He can hardly keep his hands off all of the wonderful produce as he passes. Temptation becomes to much as we pass a booth selling huge red tomatoes. We remind him him to keep his hands off. Such a hard thing for our sensory-seeking redhead!
We sit on a curb and eat. A hot dog for Red. BBQ for Mom and Dad. Red spots the balloon man and decides to have him make a sword....Oh, boy! He entertains a number of people waiting for a band to start playing by showing off his balloon-sword-swinging skills. This was one time it was ok for him to "play in the street" and he loved every minute of it!
The smile on this cute little freckled face is the perfect way to express the amazing time we had. We love you, SLO!!!

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