Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Red Hits the Public Pool

So we finally did it. We signed Red up for swim lessons at our public pool. Despite valiant efforts to teach him ourselves (in our own pool) Red wanted no part of it. I honestly thought we were getting somewhere this summer (nope).

On his terms, he splashed and went under water with his kick board. But any effort we would make to "help" him swim resulted in a screaming tantrum or Red's arms in a choke hold around our necks!

His first lesson was going to be on Monday the 4th. On Sunday I decided to take him to the pool so that he would know what to expect the next day. He LOVED it. He splashed and played in the "water works" area that has fountains and water dumping from buckets overhead. Then, all of a sudden, he did it... The little stinker starts swimming under water. Not just putting his body under but actually swimming 6-8 feet at a time. I was so excited. I said, "Red, you're doing it. See I knew you could. You're swimming!!!"

He was pretty proud. He would do it for anyone that would watch. He even went up to the life guard and said,"Hey, watch me!!!" He was a mad man- jumping in off the sides and swimming like a little fish.
He had a blast splashing around and couldn't wait for his lesson the next day.

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