Friday, August 22, 2008

Their Daily Romp

Here is a picture of two very happy dogs...Each day we take them for a romp on the beach. They absolutely love it. As soon as we put on their leashes they are raring to go. As we get closer to the water and make sure it is safe, we disconnect the leashes and they're off!!!

They roll in the sand, explore the mounds of aromatic (eeeewww) seaweed, chase the birds, and follow Red around. Then one of them will find a rock, a string of kelp, a stick, what ever they can fit in their mouth and the real chase begins!!!

It is usually Sophie chasing Reeses. They run in circles at a dizzying pace. Reeses runs out in the water, Sophie follows him barking and jumping through the water. It is quite a site. People stop and watch. We all crack up at this 60 pound doodle running from our little rat terrier. Too much fun! :)

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