Sunday, June 1, 2008


I wanted to add a few more layouts that I finished this weekend. I feel so InSPirEd lately! Hope you all enjoy my little works of art. :)

Tee Time

Today was the day. We took Red, his new golf bag and driver out for a test drive (No pun intended!).

We decided to go to the golf course in Lindsay. It is after all Red and Papa’s stomping grounds. Red was fired up. Franky got his bag out of the car and helped him to position it where it was easy to carry.

Red was off...

Straight into the club house where he walks in and announces, “I have a new golf bag and a BIG golf club. Mom, what’s it called again? Oh, yeah. A driver. I have a new driver.” The man behind the counter smiles and we pay for our round of golf. He only charges us for one adult round ($6.00). I guess it was the camera around my neck that made him think I was not going to do much golfing! (He was right!)

It was so much fun. Especially since we were all able to enjoy it. It is definitely something we'll have to do often. It's great exercise too. When you're golfing with Red, you do a lot more walking than normal!

He can really hit the ball with his new club. There were people watching him and complimenting him on his game. He ate that up!

We didn't keep score this time. We skipped a couple of holes (by accident). The weather was beautiful. Perfect for golf. I don't know that we have the next Tiger on our hands but if the love of golf has something to do with it, we just might!
Thanks again Papa and Mow. We all love the gift. Prepare to be amazed when you guys come back to visit. We're planning to do a lot of practicing!!

Red Goes to the Firehouse

Yesterday our local fire station had open house. Red could hardly contain his excitement when he found out we were going to get to go there. He loves the fire trucks and (like every other four year old boy) is enamored with firemen.

We arrived a little before the open house started and were greeted by several firemen ready to begin showing everyone around. It was really awesome to be the early birds.

Red made quick friends with a fireman named Nick. He was great. He would lift Alex up to see things, let him turn on the siren in the fire engine, dressed him up in mini fireman gear and tirelessly answered all of the questions that little Red asked. Red was very enthusiastic and with every answered question would reply with "awesome" or "that's so cool". He LOVED it!!!

Actually, I think his Daddy was just as thrilled with the open house as he was!!! Both him and Alex left the station with a big smile on their face. Elated that they got to visit the station and learn about how everything works. What an awesome day!

Doesn't Red just look way too cute in this uniform?! His big toothy smile makes my heart melt.