Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's finished!

Here's a few pics of my finished book. I love the way it turned out! I may have to start another one soon. I had so much fun putting this one together.
It helps that I had these great pictures to put in it! There are some simply adorable pictures of our little red head in this book.
Hope you enjoy the little peek!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

little by little...

My mini book is coming together. I worked on it last night and a bit tonight. I love the color combination. These are some of my favorite colors.

It has been kinda weird working on this. You see, I have not printed out ANY pictures yet. Usually I design my pages based on inspiration I get while looking at them. I plan to use some of the pics we took in Exeter. I just don't know which ones. It will be so much fun when I get them printed out!!!
I think this will be one of my favorite albums. (I say that about each one I work on!) When I finish, I'll let you all see it! Maybe by next weekend?! For now, sweet dreams blogging world. I am getting a little sleepy.

Hey, it's past 9:30! I must be turning into a night owl...

Nah! :)

Feeling Accomplished

Wow, what an amazing weekend we have had. Friday, Saturday, Sunday every day something fun and wonderfully fulfilling. It was awesome to spend time with our friends, play, take amazing pictures, scrap a little and today accomplish a BIG not-so-fun project.

Today's project took basically all day. It was one of those things you put off until you don't have a choice. I took EVERYTHING out of every kitchen cabinets (and the pantry), wiped them out, threw out lots of out dated stuff and reorganized. It looks fabulous!

How does SO much dust get inside of cabinets that are shut most of the time? I think there was a layer an inch thick! (I'm kidding, it wasn't THAT bad.)

Red played in his playroom, raced his cars in "the alley" (our entry hall), watched movies, helped me dust a little, discovered where I stash all of his play dough (uh oh) and his box of musical instruments (I feel a headache coming on).

He had been asking to paint for quite some time so I brought his easel down into the kitchen and he created a few wonderful works of art. That little Picasso felt accomplished too.

We (I) am seriously missing Daddy(he's in Illinois) and so I must once again say thanks to all my beautiful, fun, terrific girlfriends for an unforgettable weekend.

Thank you little chickadees and Gorgeouses for making Red's weekend such a blast, you are all just way too cute and fun to be around. :)

Me and Red

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Little Sneek-Peeky

Today my friend Miriam and I loaded up Red and headed to Exeter to do an official photo shoot. I initially decided to go with the intention of getting some great shots of Red for my mini-book (which now has a new theme).

Because Miriam was there, our photo shoot changed into something truly amazing. I was actually able to get some wonderful photos of Alex and I.

Franky always wants pictures of him and I but I always seem to keep myself behind the camera. Today, Miriam took the behind the camera role for part of the day. (We got some amazing shots of her, too!)

She was so awesome about snapping the shots right at the perfect moments. Red loved walking around to the various spots and would even stop and say "take my picture here, Mama".

It's funny, I felt so beautiful in these pictures with him. I guess there's something to sharing the spotlight with someone who has such an amazing energy and love for life!
What a day. So relaxing and fun. A great way to recoup from a wild night!!! I may post more pictures from today. You'll have to check back to see!!! :)

I'm the one in the upper left corner...

What has happened to me? I used to be the "Queen of Slumber Parties". I was the one who would stay up all night, outlasting all the other girls (who would inevitably wake up to frozen bras and other silly sleepover pranks). I would dance and sing to all of those cool 80's songs. Eat all the junk food I wanted without regret...

I am SO not that girl anymore. Sadly, as I said in the pre-sleepover post, I really do turn into a pumpkin around 9:00. My bed calls me from upstairs, tempting me with its nice soft pillows and promise of blissful sleep. My body listens to that call like a soft lullaby and I get sleepy. I yawn. I begin to think about my comfy jamas. I yawn again. Around 9:15, my eyes begin to burn, begging to be closed. What does this all mean? What happened to that fun girl who laughs at a 9:00 bedtime?

She's outta' here!!! :)

All joking aside, we had a blast last night. We ate junk food, took the kids to the McDermont House where they jumped in gigantic bounce houses for over an hour (Yawn), played video games and air hockey. And without any lapse in the energy flow, at 10:00pm,(Yawn)returned to our house where they played and watched movies until 12:30am. (Yawn)

Honestly, Red would've stayed up until five o'clock this morning if I'd let him. He was so excited and full of energy. He's actually been approached by Red Bull to be in one of their ad campaigns. jk. He was seriously fired up to have the kids here.

We will definitely do it again. Maybe next time, I'll be extra rested and prepared to stay up late (Yawn). I'd better start now!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I can't wait...

to see what this becomes. I've been feeling a little inclined to do a mini book (since it has been a while). I think the last one I made was for my parents at valentines day. So, I've gathered all of these wonderful supplies and placed them in a pile to work on tonight when my little peanut goes to bed. The photos in this album will be all about home. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Speaking of fun, Red and I had a play date today. We met MamaC (the wonderful woman who introduced me to the blogging world!) and her two "Gorgeouses" for lunch, then played for a while here at the house. It was great to be able to visit while the kids played. The girls were so cute and despite our house being filled with mostly boy toys, I think they had lots of fun. Red had a great time and asked when they were coming back as they drove away. :)

Tonight Red and I are hosting a slumber party. My friend Lisa and her two chickadees, Jon and Emily, are coming over. We are going to watch movies, eat popcorn and pray that we outlast the kids so that we can scrap a little. What are the chances?!

I turn into a pumpkin around 9:00...I think I'm in trouble.

A Message From Reese...

Hi Dad. I wanted to write you a little note to let you know I'm taking good care of Mom and that wild little redhead. I can tell they really do miss you. I'll say it... I miss you too. In fact, I'm only sleeping on your side of the bed for half the night (the other half on the floor) so that I don't get too comfy and start to consider it mine.

We've been going for walks in the evening time. The weather is getting cooler and it's nice to get out. That redheaded kid even helps Mom walk me. For some reason he likes to use my collar to guide me instead of my leash. I'm blaming that on you since you taught him to do that in order to get me to follow him...

I hope you come home soon. I'd like some peanut butter....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Favorite Subject...

I guess maybe I'm in a bit of a sentimental mood today. Or maybe it's just that I see pictures like this one, my heart melts and I just have to do something with all the emotions. You see, I absolutely LOVE these boys. They brighten my days, make me laugh and make my life completely full. Seeing them together sharing a snuggly moment like the one in this picture makes me smile. Not just a smile that spreads across your face but one of those smiles you can feel over your whole body. Such an awesome and completely consuming feeling. Thanks, boys.

*Daddy, we are totally missing you and are so glad you'll be home tomorrow. We love you.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Funny Little Farmer

On Monday we were invited to a BBQ at my Aunt & Uncle's house. Red was beyond excited, you see, they live in the country. They have chickens, goats, sheep, cows, a horse, dogs, and a turtle. A personal petting zoo for our little redhead.

The thing he likes the best about visiting there is NOT all of the critters... He LOVES his cousin Rachel, Aunt Sally, and Uncle Billy!!! They are our camping buddies and whenever we go camping, Red asks if they will be there too.

We had a great time. Red got to collect eggs from the chicken pen, feed a baby goat (she was too cute, I wanted to bring her home with us!!!), and give the horse a couple of apples we picked. We ate yummy food (Sally, those tomatoes were amazing!!!) and visited. It was so awesome just spending time together.

I have discovered, I come by my "collecting/junk loving" personality very naturally. I knew my Mom and I shared that interest but I didn't know that my Uncle also has an eye for the "good stuff". He hits estate sells and finds some pretty cool stuff. He's added a couple of vintage cameras to my collection! (Thanks again,Uncle Billy! We're gonna have to come go hunting with you sometime soon!!!)

What a way to finish off a long weekend. : ) Hope you all enjoyed it, too.

*I've got my eyes on the lookout for books from your favorite author, Uncle Billy! Just sit tight in that giant, extremely comfortable, never -want- to -leave- it recliner!!! (I can't stop giggling) Your secrets safe with me...

**Red is asking some pretty interesting questions about those eggs...I'm referring all his questions to you, Aunt Sally.

***Can't wait to see ya at the fair, Rach! Take good care of little Tae! : )

A little artwork

My favorite vacation pic...
A roll in the hay at the Avila Valley Barn...
An oldie from Red's 2nd year. His Surprise...a BIG BOY BED!!!
A little bit of Reeses...
Hope to scrap some more soon!!!