Friday, September 19, 2008

I can't wait...

to see what this becomes. I've been feeling a little inclined to do a mini book (since it has been a while). I think the last one I made was for my parents at valentines day. So, I've gathered all of these wonderful supplies and placed them in a pile to work on tonight when my little peanut goes to bed. The photos in this album will be all about home. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Speaking of fun, Red and I had a play date today. We met MamaC (the wonderful woman who introduced me to the blogging world!) and her two "Gorgeouses" for lunch, then played for a while here at the house. It was great to be able to visit while the kids played. The girls were so cute and despite our house being filled with mostly boy toys, I think they had lots of fun. Red had a great time and asked when they were coming back as they drove away. :)

Tonight Red and I are hosting a slumber party. My friend Lisa and her two chickadees, Jon and Emily, are coming over. We are going to watch movies, eat popcorn and pray that we outlast the kids so that we can scrap a little. What are the chances?!

I turn into a pumpkin around 9:00...I think I'm in trouble.

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