Sunday, September 21, 2008

Feeling Accomplished

Wow, what an amazing weekend we have had. Friday, Saturday, Sunday every day something fun and wonderfully fulfilling. It was awesome to spend time with our friends, play, take amazing pictures, scrap a little and today accomplish a BIG not-so-fun project.

Today's project took basically all day. It was one of those things you put off until you don't have a choice. I took EVERYTHING out of every kitchen cabinets (and the pantry), wiped them out, threw out lots of out dated stuff and reorganized. It looks fabulous!

How does SO much dust get inside of cabinets that are shut most of the time? I think there was a layer an inch thick! (I'm kidding, it wasn't THAT bad.)

Red played in his playroom, raced his cars in "the alley" (our entry hall), watched movies, helped me dust a little, discovered where I stash all of his play dough (uh oh) and his box of musical instruments (I feel a headache coming on).

He had been asking to paint for quite some time so I brought his easel down into the kitchen and he created a few wonderful works of art. That little Picasso felt accomplished too.

We (I) am seriously missing Daddy(he's in Illinois) and so I must once again say thanks to all my beautiful, fun, terrific girlfriends for an unforgettable weekend.

Thank you little chickadees and Gorgeouses for making Red's weekend such a blast, you are all just way too cute and fun to be around. :)

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