Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Favorite Subject...

I guess maybe I'm in a bit of a sentimental mood today. Or maybe it's just that I see pictures like this one, my heart melts and I just have to do something with all the emotions. You see, I absolutely LOVE these boys. They brighten my days, make me laugh and make my life completely full. Seeing them together sharing a snuggly moment like the one in this picture makes me smile. Not just a smile that spreads across your face but one of those smiles you can feel over your whole body. Such an awesome and completely consuming feeling. Thanks, boys.

*Daddy, we are totally missing you and are so glad you'll be home tomorrow. We love you.


MamáChanga said...

Who knew our hearts could swell big enough to love those close to us so deeply, the kind of deep, overwhelming love that you really can't find the right words to explain? Oh well, guess I am also feeling sentimental. I'm so happy you've got those two wonderful guys to share your life with, you are one DESERVING lady!

Hugs & Blessings!

MamáChanga said...

When you get a chance ('cause I KNOW you're one busy lady) just call me since your email is down. We'll brainstorm the lunch thing. Are you still working full-time?