Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm the one in the upper left corner...

What has happened to me? I used to be the "Queen of Slumber Parties". I was the one who would stay up all night, outlasting all the other girls (who would inevitably wake up to frozen bras and other silly sleepover pranks). I would dance and sing to all of those cool 80's songs. Eat all the junk food I wanted without regret...

I am SO not that girl anymore. Sadly, as I said in the pre-sleepover post, I really do turn into a pumpkin around 9:00. My bed calls me from upstairs, tempting me with its nice soft pillows and promise of blissful sleep. My body listens to that call like a soft lullaby and I get sleepy. I yawn. I begin to think about my comfy jamas. I yawn again. Around 9:15, my eyes begin to burn, begging to be closed. What does this all mean? What happened to that fun girl who laughs at a 9:00 bedtime?

She's outta' here!!! :)

All joking aside, we had a blast last night. We ate junk food, took the kids to the McDermont House where they jumped in gigantic bounce houses for over an hour (Yawn), played video games and air hockey. And without any lapse in the energy flow, at 10:00pm,(Yawn)returned to our house where they played and watched movies until 12:30am. (Yawn)

Honestly, Red would've stayed up until five o'clock this morning if I'd let him. He was so excited and full of energy. He's actually been approached by Red Bull to be in one of their ad campaigns. jk. He was seriously fired up to have the kids here.

We will definitely do it again. Maybe next time, I'll be extra rested and prepared to stay up late (Yawn). I'd better start now!!!

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