Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Little Things

Last weekend while we were camping, Red and I took a walk over to the playground. On the way, Alex stopped me. He had found something. "Look, Mama! Look at that bird's nest!" Up in a small tree was this beautiful little nest made with small twigs and Easter Grass. I LOVE nests, birds and pretty much all things nature but I don't think I would have even noticed this little work of art unless Red had stopped me to see it. "Do you think it has Easter eggs in it, Mom?" asked Red. That made me giggle...

This week we had gone to the grocery store. As we walked in, Red headed right for the bakery. (They give kids free cookies) This is a routine that takes place whenever we go to the store. Red is always hopeful that his cookie will be chocolate chip, his favorite.

On this particular day, it was a sugar cookie covered with pink sprinkles. Alex began to take a bite when he noticed a small red candy heart on the edge of his sweet treat. "Look, Mommy. My cookie has a little heart on it." I told him that they must have known that he was a sweet heart and gave it to him. Red replies,"No, Mama. It's for you." I smiled and Red continued to eat his cookie while I shopped. We entered the line and I began putting the groceries on the conveyor when Alex says, "Here Mommy. Here is your heart." He had eaten the whole cookie. All but a small circle with the red candy heart right in the center. "Eat it Mom. I saved it for you." That melted my heart...

I had to share these little moments. These wonderful little things that happen when you don't expect them to. These moments when I look at our little red head and thank God that we are so blessed.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Fun...

than a barrel of monkeys. (And twice as loud!!!) Off go the shoes and out come the outside voices as Red and two of his friends enter the brightly colored play land at one of our fast food havens. A perfect place for kids to to burn off energy and a vendor to sell earplugs! Wow. : )

When we arrived at the King's place, we were the only ones there. Great, It will be kind of mellow. Ha! Not hardly. Red and his crew hooted, hollered and squealed with delight as they climbed up,up to the top of the structure. "Look, Mom. I'm way up here!!!" (Up that high, I would be having an anxiety attack. Not Red!)

They had an awesome time and although my ears are still ringing, I had fun watching them! My friend, Lisa and I even got to talk a little scrap booking.

Red is sound asleep and it is blissfully quiet in the house. Franky gets home tonight and tomorrow we're going camping. Can't wait...

*** Happy 15th Birthday to my beautiful, amazing, growing up way to fast, niece -Karlie! Congratulations on getting your learner's permit. Watch out , Brainerd! Another Manton's on the road!!! JK ! We are so proud of you. Love, Aunt Shell/Uncle Franky/and Red Head.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My heart is full...

Here is my first project of the year. I used pictures that were taken on Easter of 2006 near Springville. That was the first year we took pictures there. It has become a tradition and we have done this every year since. I made a mini book with the same pictures for both my parents and Franky's Mom that year. Now almost 2 years later, I'm excited to have an album of my own.

I love the pictures. Red looks so little. He had such chubby cheeks. I miss that! He's so big now. I love, love the picture of he and Franky walking together. It is so sweet. Such handsome boys. I am so very lucky.

Anyway, the album was super quick and easy to make. It was nice to sit and work on something that didn't make the dining room and office look like a natural disaster hit! When that happens, Alex inevitably walks by the dining room and says, "Uh, Mom, you need to get in here and clean up your mess!" : )

HaPpY New Year

Where did the year go? I'm a little behind. I've been busy writing a three page resolution list! JK. Actually, I decided that this year I am not going to have"resolutions". Instead I am taking the lead of a life artist (aka scrap booker), I admire. She suggests having a word for the year.

My word for this year is "patience". (Do I hear laughing?) I think it is a great word to aspire to. I'm not just referring to patience with Red. I tend to be very inpatient with life in general. So, that said, I will be thinking about my word of the year a lot.

I also have some goals set for the year. (Goals are something to reach for. The word"resolution" makes me cringe!)

Weight loss and better health are two of the goals Franky and I have established together.We've become very inspired by The Biggest Loser and decided to take "before" pictures to keep us motivated, refer back to when we become fabulous, or to use as an appetite suppressant in the mean time! I will not go into more detail but, will say my Mom and Dad are still laughing at the description I gave them over the phone and are begging me to send the pictures to them... NO WAY!!!

A goal I have set for myself for 2008, is to have a page or mini book published in a scrap booking magazine. Last year I would have an occasional scrap booking day here at home. This year I am going to try to have one once a month so I can practice! : )

Wishing you all a New Year filled with happiness.