Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Fun...

than a barrel of monkeys. (And twice as loud!!!) Off go the shoes and out come the outside voices as Red and two of his friends enter the brightly colored play land at one of our fast food havens. A perfect place for kids to to burn off energy and a vendor to sell earplugs! Wow. : )

When we arrived at the King's place, we were the only ones there. Great, It will be kind of mellow. Ha! Not hardly. Red and his crew hooted, hollered and squealed with delight as they climbed up,up to the top of the structure. "Look, Mom. I'm way up here!!!" (Up that high, I would be having an anxiety attack. Not Red!)

They had an awesome time and although my ears are still ringing, I had fun watching them! My friend, Lisa and I even got to talk a little scrap booking.

Red is sound asleep and it is blissfully quiet in the house. Franky gets home tonight and tomorrow we're going camping. Can't wait...

*** Happy 15th Birthday to my beautiful, amazing, growing up way to fast, niece -Karlie! Congratulations on getting your learner's permit. Watch out , Brainerd! Another Manton's on the road!!! JK ! We are so proud of you. Love, Aunt Shell/Uncle Franky/and Red Head.

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