Sunday, January 6, 2008

My heart is full...

Here is my first project of the year. I used pictures that were taken on Easter of 2006 near Springville. That was the first year we took pictures there. It has become a tradition and we have done this every year since. I made a mini book with the same pictures for both my parents and Franky's Mom that year. Now almost 2 years later, I'm excited to have an album of my own.

I love the pictures. Red looks so little. He had such chubby cheeks. I miss that! He's so big now. I love, love the picture of he and Franky walking together. It is so sweet. Such handsome boys. I am so very lucky.

Anyway, the album was super quick and easy to make. It was nice to sit and work on something that didn't make the dining room and office look like a natural disaster hit! When that happens, Alex inevitably walks by the dining room and says, "Uh, Mom, you need to get in here and clean up your mess!" : )


MamáChanga said...

You really have to bring some of your scrapbooks by so I can take a look at them. My sis dabbles in it, so I know it takes A LOT of dedication, patience and creativity--you fit the description perfectly! How goes the knitting?

gardngirl said...

Thank you. I love,love to scrap! To be able to "capture life then create art" is an awesome thing!

Knitting is on pause. My seventh scarf (that I started mid-December) is in progress. It is still in my knitting bag, needle attached. I have about 18" to go then it'll be finished (Maybe mid-October?!)