Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Little Things

Last weekend while we were camping, Red and I took a walk over to the playground. On the way, Alex stopped me. He had found something. "Look, Mama! Look at that bird's nest!" Up in a small tree was this beautiful little nest made with small twigs and Easter Grass. I LOVE nests, birds and pretty much all things nature but I don't think I would have even noticed this little work of art unless Red had stopped me to see it. "Do you think it has Easter eggs in it, Mom?" asked Red. That made me giggle...

This week we had gone to the grocery store. As we walked in, Red headed right for the bakery. (They give kids free cookies) This is a routine that takes place whenever we go to the store. Red is always hopeful that his cookie will be chocolate chip, his favorite.

On this particular day, it was a sugar cookie covered with pink sprinkles. Alex began to take a bite when he noticed a small red candy heart on the edge of his sweet treat. "Look, Mommy. My cookie has a little heart on it." I told him that they must have known that he was a sweet heart and gave it to him. Red replies,"No, Mama. It's for you." I smiled and Red continued to eat his cookie while I shopped. We entered the line and I began putting the groceries on the conveyor when Alex says, "Here Mommy. Here is your heart." He had eaten the whole cookie. All but a small circle with the red candy heart right in the center. "Eat it Mom. I saved it for you." That melted my heart...

I had to share these little moments. These wonderful little things that happen when you don't expect them to. These moments when I look at our little red head and thank God that we are so blessed.

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