Monday, February 4, 2008

A Rock Star?

I think I've mentioned in past posts that our little redhead LOVES instruments. Any time he sees a band on TV or an instrument at one of the stores we frequent, he always talks about having his very own guitar.

When he was two, his Aunt Peggy gave him a little red guitar that she had picked up at Ranch market in Delano. (Actually, I think it belonged to her Grandson, but Alex refused to part with it so she gave it to him!) By the time we got in the car, Alex had broke several of its strings ...he was rockin' out!!!

So,recently when I got the privilege of attending a training in the bay area, I was delighted to find these pants with a very cool guitar on the back pocket. When Red saw them he goes, "Wow!! Those are 'ROCK STAR' pants. Thank you , Mama!" The pants were a bigger hit than the two books I bought him. (That says a lot!!!)

RED would wear these pants every day if he could. I found a shirt at the same store that has a picture of a drum set on it. When we put this outfit on him, he wiggles his little bottom and dances around. Such a cool little dude. I think he's got himself a favorite outfit. Better this than the astronaut costume (complete with moon boots) that was one of Franky's favorite things to wear as a kid. : )

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