Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Little Sneek-Peeky

Today my friend Miriam and I loaded up Red and headed to Exeter to do an official photo shoot. I initially decided to go with the intention of getting some great shots of Red for my mini-book (which now has a new theme).

Because Miriam was there, our photo shoot changed into something truly amazing. I was actually able to get some wonderful photos of Alex and I.

Franky always wants pictures of him and I but I always seem to keep myself behind the camera. Today, Miriam took the behind the camera role for part of the day. (We got some amazing shots of her, too!)

She was so awesome about snapping the shots right at the perfect moments. Red loved walking around to the various spots and would even stop and say "take my picture here, Mama".

It's funny, I felt so beautiful in these pictures with him. I guess there's something to sharing the spotlight with someone who has such an amazing energy and love for life!
What a day. So relaxing and fun. A great way to recoup from a wild night!!! I may post more pictures from today. You'll have to check back to see!!! :)

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MamáChanga said...

Those are GREAT pics, I'll be checking back to see the rest. Of course you feel beautiful in those pics, you ARE just as beautiful in person! I'll bet Mariam had a blast taking those.

Too cute Red was asking about the girls, they really had a great time, they always have a wonderful time playing with other kids and going to new places. Thanks again!

Hugs & Blessings!