Monday, August 18, 2008

When you have a little red head...

your family pictures look like this. Yep, he's a regular comedian! You should have seen the look on his face when I told him I was going to put this picture on our who's laughing?! Actually, he still thinks it's pretty funny.

Today Franky made us wonderful sandwiches and I packed up some goodies. Our plan was to take a trolley ride up to the museum, look around a bit and then have a picnic. We got everything together and walked downtown to catch our ride.

Who remembers going to the museum in Morro Bay? Franky and I both have distinct memories of our last time there. Franky remembers Indian Artifacts, sharks teeth and that after a short time, he was ready to leave cause it was "BORING". I remember the artifacts and seeing pictures of all the various birds that find their home in this area. I didn't think it was boring at all.I have to say that Red will have a very different memory.

The museum has had a major face lift and is now an awesome place to visit. There are lots of interactive exhibits that demonstrate everything from how surface wind stirs up all of the minerals and other sea life on the bottom of the sea to how Morro Rock was formed. Franky and I both agreed that we would've spent more time exploring but we had an agenda (it was getting close to lunch!!!).

As we walked out of the museum, I suggested we walk up the trail that leads to a view point that has amazing, unobstructed views of the bay. We got to the top and were all in awe of the beautiful site.

It was here we took the family picture. ( I tried out my new toy, a remote for my camera. Ooooohhh, it is so cool!) After taking a few pictures, we were ready to munch down on those yummy sandwiches my darling hubby made. Franky pulls out our drinks, chips and what do you know? I forgot to take our sandwiches out of the fridge... Uh, oh. We rode the trolley back to camp where we enjoyed them immensely (probably because by that time we were starving! jk).

Red is down for a nap. I can hear his soft snores as I type. It is so peaceful and relaxing. I cannot believe that we are going to be here six more days. : )


MamáChanga said...

Ummm...will that be your Christmas card pic?! LOL!! Love the remote idea, I'd love to take some family pics and not have to have anyone running back to their spot. Looks great even with Red's finger in his nose. Hope you continue to have a WONDERFUL time while you're there---I'm soooo jealous!

Hugs & Blessings!

MamáChanga said...

Okay chica! I know you're still out having fun, but I wanted you to know I nominated you for a blog award! Check out Friday's post 8/22.

Hugs & Blessings!