Friday, August 22, 2008

Down on the Farm

On Wednesday, we took a drive to one of my favorite places. A place that makes me long for a home in the country where I can garden, have chickens, goats, and sheep. A place where Red can run around and explore without worrying about cars or strangers. Where I can enjoy the peace and quiet of a dark starry night from a comfy chair on a huge front porch.Since this is but a day dream, I come to the Avila Valley Barn. For a moment, I can live my dream. Red runs around so excited to be there. He loves to walk through the barn and look at all of the fresh produce. We talk about which are fruit vs. veggies, which we've tried and haven't. We get a bag of scraps to feed the farm animals then of we go!
This time we got to see some new members of the Avila Farm family. There were lots of baby goats (only 6 weeks old). I snapped this picture of Red feeding the smallest one. It was so cute. The Mama goat kept trying to get the scraps and Red tells her,"You need to share with your baby!"
We had such a great time. Love the memories made here at this wonderful place. Can't wait to go back again. Maybe in the fall...

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