Monday, August 18, 2008

Little Flirt

Yesterday morning we rode our bikes into town and found ourselves at the little french bakery by the wharf. We picked out a few pastries to share and took a spot outside so that we could enjoy the salty sea air. Red was in the midst of enjoying his cream cheese danish when he looks up and sees "her".

She was about 6, with a head full of blond and light brown ringlets, riding a Barbie scooter. Red says, "I'm gonna go and talk to her." Franky and I look at each other and smile. She and her family walk inside the bakery. She picks out a seat by the window, directly in front of her little red headed admirer.

Red gets out of his chair and walks inside. He coyly approaches her, says "hi" and high tails it back out to where we are sitting. He says,"Mama, I said 'hi' to her." I asked,"Did you tell her you like her pretty hair?" He thinks for a minute then he's off again. As we watch from the other side of the window, Red works his magic. The little curly-headed girl is smiling and laughing at Red and her family is thinking they have inherited a little red head.

I walked in to corral our little guy back to our table. He gestures for me to go away and says,"Mom, go back outside. I'm talking to her."

We knew this peanut liked girls, but I think we're in trouble!!!

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MamáChanga said...

Oh my!! Soon you'll be getting those phone calls from girls. I'll be praying for you! LOL!!

Hugs & Blessings!