Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lessons Planned

On Monday was Red's first swim lesson. When we got to the pool, he was a little disappointed that the water works weren't on but was happy to be at the pool none the less. We weren't sure what class was the best fit, so one of the instructors suggested he start at tiny tots II. This class takes place in the very shallow water and is very "play" oriented.

Red thought it was great and began to play with a few of the water toys. A couple of other kids joined in the fun. And of course, being that he now had a little audience, Red began to show off his under water swimming skills. The instructor looks up at me and says, "He's ready for the guppies' class!"

She escorts us to the section of the pool where 5 wiggly boys are being instructed to "Be cool on the wall." This is the pose you see in the first picture. It is the "listen to the teacher", "wait your turn", "be still" pose.

The teacher tells Red how to be cool on the wall. Red says,"watch me!" Then proceeds to go into a head-under -water-bottom-in-the-air float, holding his breath for what seems like forever. The teacher is talking to him trying to get him to pay attention, and the 5 other wiggly boys are starting to copy what he's doing! Uh oh...

Finally she gets his attention and they go through a number of activities most of which are done holding onto the side of the pool. Then, the moment of truth. The teacher asks the kids to use their arms and legs to swim while she supports their belly. Red looks up at me and says,"Mama, you know, I'm only four. I'm little. I'm not old enough to do that. I need to be over there." (He points to the wading part of the pool.) I had to laugh. This little peanut is one smart cookie!!!

He toughed out the first day and was wiped out when we got home!!!

The next day, he told me he didn't want to go to swim lessons but by the time he got to the pool, he was ready to go. He even won a breath holding contest!
Today, he was one eager boy. He was even doing a great job of listening and being cool on the wall when he was supposed to. (That's is the hardest thing for this redhead!) He can't wait to go back tomorrow.
He's excited that Daddy will be home and will get to see how awesome he's doing! So proud of this little redhead. :)

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MamáChanga said...

Hooray for Red!! Congratulations on moving all the way to guppy!