Monday, November 12, 2007

Everyone Loves a Parade...(Especially Red Head)

Today was the Veteran's Parade. From the time Alex woke up he was ready to go! We arrived and staked out our spot. Within 10 seconds, Red Head had made friends with all of the kids within a half block radius and had spotted the vendor who sold those wonderful horns you pray no one around you buys!

Last year at the Christmas parade, Alex's friend had one shaped like a trumpet. Red Head LOVES instruments. He begged Jon to let him blow it. Being a great sport, Jon relinquished his trumpet to Alex only to have it returned with drool dripping from it's mouth piece!

So, needless to say, Red Head got his very own trumpet today. It is shiny, blue with a metallic look and Alex has not put it down or stopped blowing it since he got it!!! When the bands would pass, he would blow even louder moving it from side to side just like the band members. It was too cute. (Notice it is in EVERY picture in the slide show!)

I didn't think it was possible for Alex to be more into a parade this year from last. I have to say, I had more fun watching him play his trumpet, wave his flag, jump, dance and yell than I did watching the parade.

What a wonderful way to remember those who fight for our freedom. How truly blessed we are to live in the United States. Happy Veteran's Day.

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