Friday, November 30, 2007

Home at Christmas

I love Christmas time. I get to bring all of my decorations down from the attic. When I open the containers, my heart flutters. It's like an old friend has come to visit. I can't wait to get everything out and into place. Every year I use the same decorations but try to find new ways to display them. Each one has a memory. Either of a shopping trip Mom and I took, a neat place we've visited, Christmas' past or of a person who made the decoration.

It was too cute, on the day Franky got the decorations down, Alex was taking a nap. By the time he woke up, decorations were strewn all over the loft. Alex's eyes were bright and bigger than ever. He says, "MOM, it- looks -so- FESTIVE in here." (Where does a three year old get the word "festive"?!)

Red Head is definitely excited about Christmas this year and can't wait until Franky gets back from Minnesota and puts the train around the tree.

Many pictures to come...

*We can't wait until you get home, Daddy. We love and miss you lots and lots.

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