Friday, November 2, 2007


I have some very exciting news. We have been discussing this for a while and this week we have started an exciting process. Franky and I have decided to try to adopt again. We are both giddy with excitement at the possibility of being blessed with another little one. We have quite a few hoops to jump through as we are going through our county and have to become licensed as foster parents before we can be placed on the list of parents waiting for their baby.

We have been talking to Alex for some time about adopting a baby. We've told him how exciting it would be to be a "big brother", to teach a little one all sorts of fun things and to have someone to play with. At first, he said, "No, I don't want a baby. They cry." Next came,"I want a brother AND a sister."

Before becoming licensed, we have to prepare the room we plan to use for a baby by getting the nursery set up and "baby proof" the house. When they told us this at a class we attended, Franky and I had to laugh. See, Alex (being a much anticipated/spoiled only child) has his own bedroom as well as another room (the future nursery) that is his play room. This is where his Thomas the Train table, ride on train, basketball hoop, Lightening McQueen television, workbench and a myriad of other toys "live" (as redhead would say).

This made me wonder how to get Alex used to the idea of giving up his playroom. So, today I was talking to my Mom. She suggested that we ask Red Head where he thinks a baby might live in our home. Her theory was that if it was his idea, he may be more willing to let his brother or sister stay in his play room.

I thought this was a great idea so when Franky and I picked up Alex from school and were on our way home, I asked, "Hey Bubba, if we get to adopt a baby, where do you think we can put their bed?" Well, I kind of blew it. I had forgot to cut Frank in to my little strategy and he immediately spouts up with, "How about your play room?" Without missing a beat Alex says, "No, how about the laundry room?" Franky and I cracked up.

We have some time to warm him up to the idea. Somehow I don't think licensing would approve the laundry room as an adequate space!!

*I have to say "Thank You" to Red Head's adoptions Social Worker- Roxanne. She was amazing during Alex's adoption process and was actually the person who put the "bug in our ear" about adopting again. She's such a blessing to us! : )

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MamáChanga said...

Hooray! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to keep up with this new adventure you and your family are embarking upon! Congratulations!