Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Aargh, It's Halloween...

Oh, the joys of Halloween. This was a very exciting day for Red Head. The minute he saw me picking him up from school, he started doing a wiggle dance and telling everyone who would listen, that HE was going TRICK or TREATING!!! This prompted the whole class (about 20 kids) to go crazy at the thought that they (too) would soon be out collecting their loot, just like our little pirate. (Poor teachers...)

I have a theory. The person who came up with the phrase "ants in your pants" had a three year old who just so happened to be getting ready for Halloween night.

Most of you know that our little red head has enough energy to power the state of California for at least 10 summer's without the concern of brown-outs. Well, tonight I could include all 50 states and Puerto Rico!

We got home and put on his costume. This year he elected to be a pirate. He fell in love with the costume during a trip to Morro Bay. We decided at that time, we should have him try it on (it looked a little small) and when he did, he refused to take it off. He was a pirate the rest of the day. That was about 3 months ago.

Have you ever noticed how Pooh Bear's red shirt fits him? OK on top but as you move your eyes down toward his toes, the shirt flares out due to the girth of his belly? Well, that's just how Alex's pirate shirt fit him. It seems Alex's tummy has had a bit of a growth spurt! To remedy this, I tied the blue sash around his middle. That helped a little.

Our plan was to pass out some candy and then go trick or treating with our neighbors. Because of the "ants in the pants", we switched the order! Alex was a pro. He figured out very quickly which homes to bypass (no lights) and which houses had the booty! He stopped only to check out an interesting costume, ask someone their name, pick up dry leaves off the sidewalk, show off the candy he'd collected or talk to someone to be sure they knew it was Halloween and he was a pirate. It was an adventure...

Halloween is over now. We have a plastic pumpkin filled to the brim with candy that we will probably end up tossing so that Franky and I will not find our shirts fitting like Pooh's. Franky and Alex are sound asleep. I am going to finish up my blog then do some research online on "how to remove black marker moustaches" in hopes that Alex won't return to school with a curly moustache outline on his face....Oops!

Hope you all had a terrific Halloween.

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