Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Rhino Wins the Piston Cup...

This weekend was so awesome. We decided to go camping up at Quail Valley. When I called to make reservations, we found out this weekend they were having a pumpkin carving contest, magic show and costume contest.

We are getting very proficient at these spur of the moment trips and luckily didn't forget anything of importance this time. I forgot my hair brush last time we went camping. (Thank God for hats!) By the time we got back home from the last trip, Franky (who never says a negative word about my appearance) says,"Now you can brush your hair." I was starting to have dread locks!

Alex had a blast with all of the kids at the camp ground. By noon the first day he had a "gang" comprised of two boys and three girls. One of the little girls, Payton, made quick friends with Alex at the fishing pond. She sat down right next to us, introduced herself and said," I really like apples" as she reached in our bag of goodies, took a bite of apple and placed it back in the bag.
I cracked up!

Fishing was a bust so we went up to the hot springs for a swim. Red Head pretended to be a scuba diver as Franky and I enjoyed the"healing water". Funny, I was so itchy even after showering, I had to wonder if I had found the itchy skin syndrome that the "healed" person left. Eeww!!!

Saturday evening we went to see the magic show at a barn by the campground. It was so cool. They had decorated the inside of the barn with about a million (exaggerating) twinkly lights, fake spiders, webs and pumpkins. The magic show was a little corny but Alex loved it.

After the show they had the costume contest. I am very proud to say our little rhino won the "Best Costume" trophy. He was so excited. He took the trophy from the judge and said very excitedly, "Look Mama, I won the Piston Cup!!!" (trophy from the movie Cars!)

Franky was making fun of me saying that I looked just as excited as Alex when he got the trophy. Honestly, I totally was! ( See picture for proof! Please ignore my four chins...)

That trophy ROCKS!

Sorry, had to brag. That's just what you do when you have a blog. : )

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