Saturday, October 20, 2007

What a mess!!!

I have been promising Alex since September that we would get this Halloween gingerbread-house kit we saw at Target. So today was the day. While Alex was taking a nap, I mixed the black/ orange frosting and put all of the candy out in little bowls. I have never made one of these.

That frosting is the stickiest stuff! (I think I've found a new scrapbook adhesive...) It tasted pretty good. A little suggestion though, if you ever use black frosting, don't eat it. Five hours later, I still have bluish-black teeth. Ready for Halloween, I guess.

Alex and I had a blast decorating it. Franky kept trying to eat the frosting. Wonder if he's looked at HIS teeth?! Alex kept saying, "Daddy, don't eat our house!!!" : )

It is now proudly displayed on our kitchen counter. It has a few finger-dents in it (and a couple of frosting-bare spots from red head licking it). It has a built in security system as the frosting has taken on the texture of stucco. Do people actually eat these things?

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