Saturday, October 20, 2007


We recently purchased a new laptop. It is a Dell. It is a great shade of green. It has lots of really neat programs and a wireless card that lets you access the Internet from anywhere in our home. Franky has named it "Dill"

The Problem:

I absolutely love it. I use it every spare moment and I confess... I take it to bed with me. (Sad, I know.) This has opened me up to a lot of chastising by Franky.

Dill is being considered the"other man" in my life.

On weekends, I stay up late playing music and surfing the net. Franky will roll over every so often and either roll his eyes, ask the time or tell me to "turn that thing off and go to bed". I was up until 2:00am this morning. Not such a good thing when the rooster (red head) wakes the minute light hits his room!

Oh,well. I guess there are worse things!

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MamáChanga said...

LOL! Now you know why I send you emails @ midnight!