Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Red the Reader

On Sunday, we took Daddy back to the airport for his last two-week stint in the corn maze state (Illinois). After we left him, we decided to hang out in Fresno for a while. For some reason, this crazy city waits until 11:00 am to begin its Sunday mornings so we had a little time to kill.

We found a Barnes & Noble and we were both in heaven. Red and I both love books. Once inside we made a beeline for the children's books. We selected a couple and took a seat beside the little stage where on certain occasions, story time occurs.

We read "Spongezilla", a Halloween story about Sponge Bob Square pants. Then read a book about a little pumpkin who longed to become a jack-o-lantern.

After looking around a while Red says,"Mom, sit down on the bench and I will put on a show for you." I sit and he gets up on the stage. He goes behind one of their little props and comes out as if saying "tah-dah". He begins his show. Our cute little red head stands in the center of the stage, looks at me and says very matter of fact (while gesturing with his hands as if addressing a large group of people),"Some people can read. Some people can't....I can't read, SO-I'll put on a magic show instead."

I cracked up!!! He proceeded to put on a magical show. Pretending to pull a rabbit out of mid air and even discovered a bird behind my ear! What an imagination. So lucky to be witness to it.

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