Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Something Fun

We have had an incredibly busy and extremely fun few days. Last week, G Mary came to visit. We had a whirlwind schedule of activities planned and to my delight, all went very well. The list looked something like this: host a sewing play day, make cupcakes, finish Red's Halloween costume, pick up Daddy from the airport in Fresno, meet Jean Marie and sweet Sophia at Fashion Fair Mall, start our Christmas shopping, pick up a couple of necessities from Boot's Camera shop, sew together eight banners, a table cloth and make a sign for the cake walk booth at Red's fall festival. All to be completed by Saturday.

So, on Thursday morning I got up and ran a few errands and picked up some of the supplies I needed. I came home and made some yummy banana nut bread (as a treat for our play date). Gma and Red put together a snack for the little ones. I couldn't resist taking their picture. They were having so much fun and had quite the assembly line going with that snack mix!

At 2:00, my friend Lisa's mom (who had volunteered to be the teacher at our sewing play day) arrived, along with my friend Dalia and her two year old twin girls. We got our machines set up and turned on some toons for our little peanuts.

We had such a blast learning about and playing with our machines. We talked, giggled and just really enjoyed spending time together. All the while Red and the girls played. When they left, I felt so inspired. I was ready to start tackling the projects I needed to complete for the fall festival.

We have decided to have a sewing play day once a month. I can't wait for our next one. I have a couple of sewing projects that I can't wait to start!

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