Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halo and Horns...

Can you see the mischeif in this freckeled little face? It's there, just take a closer look!

This week I have seriously contemplated calling in to the Nanny 911 show to request a visit from that lovely woman with the British accent. Either that or placing a sign around Red's neck that says "free to good home" and placing him on the front curb... I'm only kidding. (I think.)

Yes, I have had a very challenging parenting week. Red has tested me in every way and has even shocked and surprised me with some four year old fall outs. One second he is melting my heart with his sweetness, the next he's behaving much like Satan's spawn. Hence the very fitting title.

Today was much better and I'm hoping we're over this little defiant stage. At least for a while... I am realistic and know this occurs normally as children go through the various developmental stages. But I need a break from it...

I love Red so much. I feel so fortunate to be his Mommy. I've been praying a whole lot lately. Not for patience (that one backfires...) but for the safe return of my sweet little redheaded boy!!!

I wonder if lighting a candle will help?!

1 comment:

lyssa said...

he is getting so BIG! i'm sorry he's been a brat lately though :P

i just wanted to tell you not to worry. i've had a hard time lately but things are beginning to look up, a little bit. i'm trying so hard to stay positive but it's becoming more difficult every day. i went and stayed with lala for a week which helped alot. since i've been home things are a little brighter, but that could change. it's nice to know that you care and thank you for the comment. i love you.