Sunday, October 5, 2008


When I was a kid, on the weekends we would frequently go for a "ride". That was a trip in the car just to enjoy each other's company with no particular destination in mind.

We would drive around town, past homes that we liked, to the small towns in the foothills nearby. Sometimes we would end up stopping for lunch or exploring a new place we had been lucky and found. Where ever we ended up, we always had a great time just being together and enjoying the ride.

When Franky and I got married, we carried on the tradition of weekend wandering. Most of the time we end up in Springville, sometimes other neat spots close by. Still, just enjoying our time together.

I loved the conversations we would have as we rode along. Sometimes silly, other times deep conversations about our hopes and dreams.

Now that Red is with us we still have the wide range of chat. Only now it's interjected with the occasional "Where are we going?", "This is taking a long time.", "Did you see that cow?", "Can we listen to the 'Hey batter swing' song?", "Are we going to Walmart?!".

Even with the chatterbox in the back seat, we still love the ride. Perhaps even more than before since one of the dreams we hoped would come true is behind us in his booster.

Today Red and I took a ride. Just a short one. We drove through Success Valley. Red hooped and laughed as we rode over the hills that make your belly feel like you're on a roller coaster. It made me laugh to hear him cracking up in the back seat. It's the little moments like these that make me realize how much I miss Franky. He would've been amused by our little redhead too.

I had taken the camera along with the intentions of getting some pictures to use in a fall themed album. I spotted this cool fence and thought it would be a great back drop.

We were surprised when this horse decided to come and visit. Red carried on a conversation with him for a while. I snapped some more pictures and then we headed back home.

Red (who had been not so happy to go for a ride) says, "Mama, that was a fun ride. I liked the hills and seeing the horsey."

I had a fun ride too, Red. Maybe this will be a tradition he will enjoy with his own family someday. :)

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lyssa said...

hi chel, it's alyssa (: lala showed me your blog and i really enjoy reading about you and alex and all of your pictures are so cute. i can't wait to see you at thanksgiving! lots and lots of love to you and franky and alex.