Monday, December 1, 2008

Red & Reese

I wish each of you would've seen these two playing in the leaves this weekend. It was comical. Red was dying to jump in a leaf pile. Begrudgingly, Franky allowed the leaves to collect in the front yard over the last week or so. Then on Sunday he raked them into a nice size pile. Alex was wiggly with excitement at the site of this huge mound of leaves and could hardly wait to take the leap. When I headed out the front door to witness the romp, Reese ran out.

Red looks at the pile and then at Reese. Reese looks at the pile and darts toward it, Red not far behind. Then for the next forty five minutes the two of them rolled, romped and played in the leaves.

Red would throw them up and Reese would do his best to catch every one. Reese chased Alex. Alex chased Reese. When they finally stopped for a break, they both had leaves strewn all over their bodies. It was a hilarious site! I love watching them play. What a great memory. :)

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