Saturday, December 29, 2007

Red Rides!!!

So I get home today after a much needed hair-do appointment. Franky has mowed the lawn and is taking a break since Red was down for a nap. When he wakes from his nap, Frank jumps up and says, "Come on, Alex. Lets go outside and take down the Christmas lights." I was quite enjoying being lazy and was trying to talk Franky out of getting off the couch when Alex pipes up with,"Mama, you've got to come out and see me ride with NO training wheels!"

While I was gone, Alex and Daddy decided today was the day that he would learn. I followed them outside and could not believe my eyes. Red got on his bike and took off pedaling down the street. Using his brakes appropriately. Steering around obstacles, even going off the curb! So confident. Wow. I was in shock. (Still am.) Wasn't it just yesterday I was feeding him strained peas?! He's not old enough to be riding a bike!

I immediately brought out my camera to capture this miraculous event on film. I cracked up when Red rode by me, pedaling at top speed, looks my way, smiles a big cheesy grin and says,"Mom! Take my picture!" Thank goodness there wasn't anything in front of him. It could've been a disaster. Instead it became a picture that shows a happy little red head relishing in the moment of an awesome accomplishment.

Red is already making plans to show off his new skill. He says that next time we go camping, he will show all his friends how he rides all by himself without training wheels.

Does that mean I get to ride in the bicycle trailer (pulled by Franky) now? ( hee hee )

So proud of you, Buddy!!! You amaze me.

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MamáChanga said...

Hooray for Red Head!! I can't wait (well, yes I can) to see the girls riding their bikes someday. Where does the time go?