Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"It's C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S!!!"

Red Head was up with the roosters this morning. He woke up, came in our room and says very excitedly, "Mama, we have to go see if Santa came!" Then runs down the stairs yelling, "It's CHRIST-MAS!!!" My poor parents, no chance of sleeping in with Red around. Especially on Christmas morning. : )

The first thing Alex did was make sure that Santa ate the cookies we had left. He did. The milk was gone too. Surprisingly, the carrots left for the reindeer had only a few nibbles! Next, he scanned the presents under the tree. "Did Santa bring me a Geo Trax?", Red looked worried.

A few flat boxes, some square, hmmm. I think he might have been contemplating that "Naughty, Nice" list! He sat in the center of the floor and began opening. Red flannel sheets (the cozy ones like on Mom and Dad's bed), not bad. A Candy Land shape game, ok. The Wonder Pets- Save the Reindeer, very cool. Dinosaur floor puzzle, pretty good. Clothes...hmmm. A few more, then the moment of truth. He opens the gift from the man in the red suit. (Why does Santa always bring the BEST gifts?!) It's the Geo Trax!!!

An hour and a half later, Daddy finishes putting the track together (Santa got off easy!!!) and he and Red are playing "train". A look of pure joy spread across the faces of my two boys as their trains cruise around the newly laid track. What an awesome Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope yours was as wonderful as ours. Now to work on the "New Years Resolutions" post!!

**P.S. If you get a food processor for Christmas, does that mean you have to start cooking? Please post your opinion. The first person to post wins a prize. Maybe a food processor. JK : )

***P.P.S. Honey, I really do LOVE the food processor. Do you want to go out to eat tonight and talk about all the dinners I can prepare once I learn to use it? : )


coastalgrl said...

Hi Michelle! a food processor is great! you can do a ton with it!
I hope all is well and ALex is getting so big now! Gracie just turned 5 on the 21st!


p.s. How can I set up a page for Gracie?

gardngirl said...

It's great to hear from you, Amanda! Shay had said she told you about the blog. It's lots of fun! Alex is getting big, growing up entirely too fast. :) I'm sure you feel the same about Gracie...I can't believe she's 5!

If you log on to blogger,there should be a "select a template" option. Once you have selected the template you want to use for your blog, it's pretty easy to post from there. The slide shows are fun and easy too. Once you get your blog started, you just go to that site and set up an account. It pretty much walks you through setting it up to appear on your blog. If you need help, just email me. 1gardngirl@charter.net

Be sure & let me know once you get yours going. It's a great way to keep everyone up on all that happens!

Take care.