Thursday, December 13, 2007

Someone get me a parachute...

You know how I bragged about Alex on the flight to Minnesota? Well the trip home was a little different! Our flight from MN to AZ was long but ok. The flight from Phoenix to Fresno was terrible. I really wanted a parachute.

I was exhausted. Alex was beyond tired. Those descriptions sound similar but look very different. Mine looks like bags under the eyes, frayed nerves, crazy airplane hair, "don't mess with that chick - she's gonna blow!!!" Red Head's looks more like ants in the pants, what can I do next, I need to be louder cuz' not everyone can hear me, I- AM- NOT -TIRED.

Needless to say, this is not a great combination. Another one of those "God giving me opportunities to practice patience" experiences. Well, this time, it wasn't just God rolling on the floor with laughter, but all of the passengers on our plane, the flight attendant. Basically everyone but me. : )

I can laugh about it now.

This is what happened... As soon as we got on the plane, Alex asked, "Are we there yet?" That alone isn't so bad but he proceeded to sing it. Over and over, "are we there yet?" I told him to please stop. He did but then started singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in a voice only to be used outside. I asked him to stop and encouraged him to take a rest. He stopped singing but then started wiggling in his seat saying, "Look Mom, I'm -not- T-I-R-E-D" to the tune of the nee-neer, nee- neer song.

I gave him the look. He gave it back to me. Then started singing "chic a mou, chic a mou mou" from the song "She's a Brick House". He got a few chuckles which stoked the little red-headed fire.

Do they have a "time-out" room in airplanes? NO. I told him he was going to be in "big trouble" (what's that?) if he didn't stop being so noisy and didn't sit still.To this he sat straight up in his seat. I thought, "he's giving in, he's going to settle down." He thought, "I've got her now!" He poked my arm and says "Mom" then he starts mouthing the words "chic a mou, chic a mou mou". AAAGGHHH! This went on for the entire flight.

When we landed, I wanted to kiss the ground. We got our luggage and got in the car. Remarkably, Red Head decided to mellow out. Maybe he tired himself out, too. He can drive me nutty but I wouldn't have it any other way. He's our wonderful, smart, spunky, loving life, little red head and I love that. : )

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karlie said...

hey aunt shell!! i just wanted you to know that i love this post!!! it crackes me up every time i read it!!it reminds me when you guys were at our house and he first started to sing that!! haha i love it! merry christmas..i hope you guys have a good one! tell everyone that we love them and that we miss them...tell nana that i lover her and miss her alot...
love ya lots,