Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Cheer and Jet Lag...

At this very moment I am experiencing both. Red Head and I just got back from an amazing week in Minnesota. My parents flew us out last Wednesday and surprised Franky (who was already there for work) and my nieces. They hadn't a clue we were coming.

I was a little worried about flying alone with Alex, but our flight to Minnesota was great. There were so many people willing to help us out during the boarding process and flight. It was awesome. I have only one complaint, whoever designed the carpet at the airport in Phoenix must not have ever traveled with a three year old! It has a circular pattern with airplanes scattered here and there. Red Head thought it was great...He jumped from circle to circle moving forward, backward, left and right. This made it very interesting to balance our carry-ons and maintain a death grip to Alex's hand so that we didn't get separated. Most people thought it was quite humorous. I had to laugh too.

It was so funny, when we landed in Minnesota the airport was covered in snow. There were huge piles of the white stuff everywhere. Because of how we sat, Alex didn't see it until we were able to unbuckle our seat belts. When he finally looked out the window he yells, "S-N-O-W!!!" Everyone on the plane chuckled.

On the way to Mom and Dad's house, Franky (who thought I was at an "all-day" training) called to see what they were doing. Alex could not keep quiet during the call so Mom hands the phone to him. The conversation went something like this:

Red Head: Hi, Daddy!

Daddy: Who's this?

Red Head: It's me, Alex.

Daddy: (long pause) Where are you?!

Red Head: I'm in Minnesota!!!

Daddy: (very long pause) How'd you get to Minnesota?

Red Head: On a big plane.

Daddy: Let me talk to Mom...

He was in shock but very excited. I can't believe we pulled it off without him knowing. I'm terrible at keeping things like that a secret!

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