Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Just Call Me the Grinch...

After getting some great pictures at Grandma Mary's Ice Cream Social, I decided that I should create an album to commemorate this wonderful day. Just for her. Being that I have a scrap book store (aka our office) at my disposal, on Sunday I started the project.

I could tell immediately that this was going to be a favorite book because of the colors I chose and the pictures I was using. But then my Mom started helping me with it. Page by page, the book started to become more than just a book about the ice cream social, it became a bonding experience...

All of a sudden, I began to turn green. Yep, no joke. I was turning into the Grinch. I wanted to keep the album to myself. It would be MINE-ALL-MINE. I couldn't bear to part with it!!!

We worked on it until midnight on Sunday and continued Monday morning. All I could think about was how beautiful the album was looking and how much I wanted it. As we were punching holes in the pages to get them ready to be placed in the album, my Dad stepped in to help. Now, it was a "whole family" project. Franky had cut out the pictures, Mom and I had designed and completed the pages, and Dad punched. How could I give it away?

When all the pages were finished, I put the album together. Franky helped choose the order in which the pages would go. All the while "Grinchy" thoughts raced through my head. I sat the completed album on my work table to take pictures of it (as I do every album I make). As I held the pages to capture them on film, I began to think..."My Mother-In-Law is going to LOVE this. It is absolutely beautiful and all of the family is in it! I can't wait to give it to her!!!Let me give it to her now!!!"

My color returned to normal. No longer a Grinch, but very grateful for the day that my whole family worked together to bring so much joy to Grandma Mary. Who by the way LOVES, LOVES the album! : )

I have a copy of all of the pictures I used making the album. Maybe I'll make another one. Maybe I should recruit more family to help with this one. The end product is awesome, but so is the process. : )

So goes the tale of the Grinch.

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