Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Train is Up...

and Red couldn't be happier. Franky set it up last night. Our living room was alive with excitement as he brought the boxes in from the garage. Both filled with anticipation as Franky pieced the track together with a little help from Red Head. They couldn't wait to see the old Santa Fe racing around the track, sparks flying beneath it as it zoomed around the tree. Franky loves this train as much, if not more than Alex.

The story of the train is Binker (Franky's Dad), just knew his second child would be a boy. So certain of this, he bought this Lionel train set to be used and enjoyed with the whole family. Especially a BOY! Well, Leah was born. : )

The train became a tradition. One the whole family looked forward to each Christmas. When Franky (a surprise!) came along, he also enjoyed the tradition of the train. He tells stories of he and his Dad playing with it, of him running two engines simultaneously so that they would crash into one another, of loading up the coal and cattle cars.

After Franky and I were married, the train was passed to him to continue the tradition. We have set it up every year since. Now Franky is teaching Alex to run the train. It is amazing how quickly he has caught on.

I love watching the two of them. A glimpse of the past, a connection between Father and Son. One that will take place year after year until one day Franky will pass it on to Alex and his family. Until then, we will all look forward to the day the train is up.

I hope this season, you too enjoy traditions and all of the wonderful memories that accompany them.

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