Thursday, December 13, 2007

Did you know...

When you get a Christmas tree in Minnesota it has to "thaw out" before you bring it inside? On Saturday morning we all ventured out to the tree farm to pick out a tree for Mom, Dad and Tracey's family.

It was so pretty there. It's kind of funny, you go out, pick your tree, cut it down with the saws provided (or if you're smart, your chain saw you brought along), load it up, then leave a check in a drop box as you leave. Never making contact with the farm owners. Do you think that would happen in California?!

Mom and Dad picked a beautiful tree that had few limbs on the back so that it would fit in a certain spot. Tracey and his family picked a ginormous (Red Head's word for "HUGE") tree to fit in their living room that has vaulted ceilings.

I love to decorate Christmas trees and so Ellena and I put the lights on their tree (which ended up being around 14 feet tall). With a ladder, a extending light bulb changing pole, a broom, garden gloves (Minnesota Christmas trees are VERY poky), 2500 lights, and two very determined women ( Ellena and I) the lights were on and absolutely amazing. (We Rock!) It was fun. Probably very funny to watch. Lucky no bones were broken. : )

I will always remember that night.

I also helped Mom with the lights on her tree. It was hilarious. Because of the lack of branches on the back, it fit perfectly into the space chosen for it, but as we were putting the lights on, it kept falling on us! It took a little while but we finally got the lights on and managed to get the stand fixed so that it would stay up. It (too) looks absolutely beautiful. Franky has decided that I will be the one putting the lights on our tree from now on. (He's the one who taught me how to do them and always does ours.) But, a tradition is a tradition and he's not getting out of this one!

The pictures from the slide show titled "O, Christmas Tree" were taken on this day.

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