Monday, December 3, 2007

Never Run With Scissors...

Or leave your 3 year old down stairs unattended with them.

So, I've taken up a new little hobby. I have learned to knit. A gracious fellow county employee (who just so happens to be a man) showed me how and I am proud to say I have already finished one scarf.

Tonight I was working on a scarf for Alex. He took a lot of interest in the knitting process when I was making my first scarf so I told him I would make him one next. I had all of my yarn, knitting needles and scissors on the couch where I was sitting. Alex was in the hallway floor playing with his cars (crashing them into my baseboards) when I had to go upstairs.

I was gone for what seemed only a short time but it was long enough for Red Head to cut about a thousand 2" pieces of red yarn and spread them all over the couch....AAARGGHH!!! I didn't know whether to Laugh, CRY, or SCREAM. What a weird mix of emotions.

I ended up putting Red Head in a time out for using the scissors without permission. I've resolved to be more responsible with sharp objects. And I said a little prayer thanking God that it was just yarn.

Lesson learned.

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MamáChanga said...

Awwww, glad it was just yarn like you said. So you've taken up knitting? I've started to crochet (btw, I'm not very good @ it). If you ever get some time, I'd like to learn what knitting is all about. Glad redhead is okay, yarn can be replaced. Hugs!