Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gotta Brag...

Most of you know that Alex (being a very spoiled, red-haired, only child, three year old boy who is influenced daily by "those kids" at his preschool [hee hee]) has had some tough days. He is very familiar with "the office" and in the past has spent a lot of time in "time-out". After much discussion with the director at his school, we decided to try moving Red up to the oldest class. Since he's been in this class, he has been doing AWESOME!!!

So, last Thursday when I picked Alex up from school, I could've done cartwheels out the door when he told me that he was chosen to be the Student of the Day.He had a great sticker to prove it! I was excited and so was he. We came home and showed it off to Dad, Mow and Papa (who were here over Christmas), and called Grandma Mary to tell her all about it. I just had to take a picture and create a post to celebrate. : )

Way to go, Dude!!
We are so proud of you!

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