Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dance, Dance

On Sunday, we went to Emily's dance recital. She danced as a penguin to Happy Feet and then to Let it Snow. She was adorable. Ellena was a little surprised that morning when she was getting Emily ready for the recital. You see, the day before we had put fake tattoos on all of the kids. Well, Emily's didn't come off. So, she stood out a little more than the other dancers with a fish tattoo on her right shoulder. Hubba hubba! : ) Sorry, Ellena. You have to admit, that's one to remember!!!
Alex loved watching all the little routines. He was dying to get on stage and so during the intermissions, he would sneak up there and jump around a little. At one point he even did his version of the Robot. It was too funny.

He also enjoyed watching and imitating the class instructors who were coaching the dancers on stage. He would move his arms around, shimmy his shoulders- it was cute. So glad we got to see Emily's performance.

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