Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Watch Out, Tiger!

Actually, anyone standing in a five foot radius of Red better watch out!!! Today when we got home, there was a box on the front porch. When Red found out it was for him, he was thrilled. He says,"Mama, 'Brown' brought something for me!"

It's funny that he recognizes the "UPS" logo. He and his Daddy are always pointing out the delivery trucks. I explained that it was actually a present from his Mow and Papa. We went inside and called my parents so they could be part of the excitement of opening the gift.
I cut the tape on the box and Red opened it. He was so excited when he saw the contents. An awesome little Red-sized golf bag and a Nike driver. He immediately asks if we can go golfing. He was raring to use that "BIG" club. We headed out to the front yard so Red could try it out.Now Papa has taught Red some golf etiquette, but I have to say as soon as we got on the grass, the reckless swinging began! Hence the "Watch Out" title! Once I was able to get him focused, we sit a ball down. Red lines up and swings sending the ball far into our neighbor's yard. "That was COOL, Mama!!". It was. I'm just thankful there were no windows broken!

After much pleading/bargaining/manipulation, I was able to get Red to put his new gear away. I have promised to take him golfing on Friday. He can't wait! Thanks so much Papa and Mow. Red is one happy little guy!!!

**So, Dad, remember the time You, Me and Tracey were practicing pitching in our yard and you made the comment that if anyone broke a window, they were going to pay to have it fixed? I think it was your very next swing that sent your golf ball screaming through the windshield of MY car!!!

I mention this because I didn't see a Responsibility Disclaimer in with the clubs...So, if Red breaks a window, we'll go in halfers with you!!! jk :) Thank you both again. He's going to have some fun with that driver and bag. As he picked it up to carry it outside, he said,"Now I'm just like Papa and Daddy." Way too cute.

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