Sunday, May 25, 2008

Uh Oh...

For quite some time we have had a problem. You see, the neighbors who live directly behind us have three dogs. I know, so do we. There is a difference though. The neighbor's dogs bark constantly and have the very bad habit of digging into our yard. I guess it's the whole "grass is always greener" thing. They dig into our yard, use our grass as a restroom, eat our dogs' food and bark at our dogs while they stand in the center of OUR yard. To say the least this has been very frustrating. We have tried the following to rectify the situation:

1. Refill the holes as soon as they dig them. (didn't work)
2. Place pavers in the spots where they usually dig. (they dug somewhere else)
3. Talked to our neighbors. (hmm)
4. Installed a "hot" wire all along the back fence. (BINGO!)

This was working beautifully until Thursday. I guess while weeding the flower bed we caused the wire to become very loose. The biggest of the three dogs figured this out and dug a GINORMOUS hole into our backyard.

I happened to be letting our dogs into the back yard (Red in tow) when all of a sudden that big dog ran out of our dogs' kennel, across the grass and under the fence. I yelled, "Dumb dog, get in your own yard" (very effective) and threw one of Franky's tennis shoes at him (missed by a mile).

I was very distraught to see that not only had he dug that hole, but also ruined some of my flowers. AAAGGGHHH...

Red witnessed the whole account but didn't say a word.

Later that day, Alex was in our bedroom upstairs looking out the window. He notices a little girl playing in our neighbors' yard. He yells, "Hi". The little girl sees him and says "hi" back. Then Red yells, "You know, your dogs are digging holes in our backyard and it is making my Mom REALLY MAD!!!"

Twenty minutes later we were in the backyard and what do you know? The hole was filled.

Way to go, Red! (Watch what you say and DO around this guy!)

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