Thursday, May 8, 2008

Got a Bug...

Not me, the laptop (aka Dill). I still don't quite understand what happened. The last time I used Dill, I was sitting in our trailer at Morro Dunes....

I was downloading all of the great photos of my parents, Franky, Alex and I that we had taken over Easter weekend. I was connected to the wireless network they offer (with the intent of posting an entry). I decided to work on the blog later. Instead of logging off, I just closed Dill.... I didn't open it until after we got back from our trip. When I did, it shut itself down right after I had logged in. Dill was not happy with me!!! The feeling was pretty mutual.

After that, I pretty much ignored the fact that I had a laptop or a blog for that matter. I enjoyed the time I spent with my parents while they were here, worked, played, chased Red...

So today was the day. A whole month and a half later. I called Dell.

They determined that Dill had caught a bug or had a problem with some sort of update. The man on the other end told me they would need to restore Dill to its factory settings (meaning I would lose everything on the computer).

Luckily, we have an external hard drive. I was able to save my 2000+ pictures. (You all thought I was joking when I said there is a paparazzo in our household! That's just the pics I've taken since Oct. 2007!!!)

Well, things are back to normal and I have a lot to catch everyone up on. Lots of silly things have happened that I have to share. So, stay tuned. : )

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