Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doing His Work

I had to add this photo and tell the little story behind it. Since I was in the my scrap booking spot for most of the day, Red decided he wanted to do some art too. I pulled his table in the office, he brought his chair. I got out the crayons and a Cars coloring book and away he went.

Now, Reese has to be where ever I am. (I told my Aunt Sally just this evening, I feel like I have two toddlers!) Anyway, he was laying at my feet happily chewing on a rawhide. Sophie, our rat terrier comes in the room and takes the rawhide away then lays down a couple of inches from where Reese had just been. She taunts him, he taunts her. Then Reese gets upset and starts barking at her.

Red looks up from his color page and in a very serious tone says,"Reese, please be quiet. I'm doing my work."

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