Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Great Job"

While on a walk Friday, we saw four vintage airplanes flying over head. Red was so excited. He loves anything that moves. Airplanes and trains make the top of his "favorites" list. On Saturday, we decided to take a ride out to the airport to see if there was anything going on. Lucky us! There were about 40 vintage airplanes there who had flown in to practice formations and drop flour bombs at a target there on the runway. We spent much of the day there, even had a little picnic.

We got to walk around and see all of the airplanes up close. Many of the pilots talked to Red. One of them let him and Daddy get up on the wing and look into the cock pit (I think that was just as exciting for Franky as it was for Red!). Another pilot had been talking to Alex so when he was getting in his plane he told us to watch him take off. He waved at us then took off straight up into the air (this impressed us all!).

There were a few pilots who practiced flying in formation. When they flew over the crowd, smoke trails followed behind them. Red thought this was the greatest. When they came in for a landing, one of them parked close to the fence where we were sitting. Red watched intently while the pilot took off his helmet and got out of the plane. Red says,"Mom, I'm gonna talk to him." He waited until the pilot was completely out of his plane and then tells him (in a voice that everyone watching can hear),"Excuse me, Sir. You did a great job up there." The pilot was grinning from ear to ear and tells Alex,"Well, Thank you young man." Red smiles a huge smile that makes my heart melt. What a cutie bug!!!

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